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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Michelle's Moustache Headache

So, according to The Sun, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child fame, has a moustache. Quoted in the online article, Michelle says, 'I have to get it waxed all the time. It's so annoying. I want to get laser hair removal, but I'm scared.' Read the full interview here...

According to sk:n, the nationwide clinic, who see 10,000 people a month for laser hair removal, the most popular areas for laser are the face, underarms and bikini line. If you want smoother skin in time for next year's summer holiday, you can book a free consultation with sk:n on 0800 028 7222.

Did you know? The average human body has 1,270, 000 hairs.

Try a Trend...Starry-Eyed

From as far back as I can remember, I've had a penchant for sticking things on my face. In fact around the age of 11 or 12, I actually used to walk around with gold-encrusted bindis from Claire's Accessories stuck in the middle of my brows. Fortunately for me, the trend for facial-stickers has become somewhat more refined. Take these stars, which are actually nail stickers ( After applying a wash of silver shadow over my lids and under the lower lash line, I applied the star and snowflake stickers using a pair of tweezers. Be careful not to apply too many, or too neatly. The more haphazard and random-looking the better. Sx
P.S This looks quite arrogant, posing on my own blog but I'm sadly down a model so must share the trends with the gorgeous Natalie from now on. Apologies.

Best Tressed Christmas Gift Guide 9

£25 & UNDER
If you love lashes, nails and, err, sleeping, the Paris Hilton Hollywood Glamour Gift Set, £25 ( is for you. Because within the magnetic box lies a set of 24 nails, buffer, false lashes, eye mask and even a necklace. Pretty good, no?
They might not be to my taste but the silver-tipped red nails with diamante detailing are perfect for the party season. And if Elegant Touch are behind them, they're bound to be easy to apply and long-wearing.
The thick, jet-black lashes scream Hollywood glamour.
 What else could a Paris Hilton nameplate necklace say? It might not be gold, but it feels surprisingly weighty.
To close this post, let's end with a quote from Paris (from the back of the box) 
"I love getting dressed up for a party! Make a statment with my Hollywood Glamour nails and lashes. Make your look even more fabulous with my "Hot" necklace and then snooze after the party with my cute eyemask. Life is too short to blend in!" Word. Sx

Monday, 29 November 2010

Models Own and WAH Nail Collaboration

'It' nail brand, Mode'ls Own, have teamed up with 'it' nail salon, WAH, to launch a new range of nail art pens, £6. Perfect for creating mani-patterns at home (I'm practising leopard print as we speak) the thin nib and long thin brush can create dots, patterns and stripes. Launching in just black and white to start, there are plans to launch all 99 shades in the Model's Own portfolio. Currently the pen is available exclusively at but will launch in Boots in February. Sx

Best Tressed Christmas Gift Guide 8

I'm so glad Accessorize have ventured into the world of makeup and fragrance. Otherwise, this little beauty wouldn't have shown up at my doorstep. The Paradise Fragrance Wardrobe, £14.99 (, Boots, Superdrug), which comes in two other themes (Boho and Forever), allows the recipient to create their very own bespoke fragrance.

The box, with its fluoro-floral lining, is a definite keepsake. Having tried both fragrances in the Paradise set (which by the way, can be worn on their own), I must say I'm very impressed. The zesty 'Bliss' scent was a little too orangey for my tastes but 'Butterfly' - a warm, soft floral - was really wearable. Mixing the two was more fun than I thought - I tried it twice and both combinations were different (I think depending on how vigorously you spritz). Overall, a well-priced, unique gift. Sx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Best Tressed Christmas Gift Guide 7

Under £40
Darphin's skin and bodycare range is second to none. So for someone special, the Stars of Beauty Bright gift set, £35 (0870 034 2566), is the perfect introduction to their indulgent, aromatic skin treats. The set includes the new Hydraskin Essential (an uber moisturiser that helps prevent water loss), Azahar Cleansing Micella Water, Hydraskin Intensive Moisturising Serum, Rose Aromatic Care (this oil is my skin must-have) and a handy headband to tame hair as you enjoy this spa-worthy pampering treat. Sx

Does Cheryl Read Best Tressed?

Finally, after weeks of radioactive red, Barbie-length extensions, Cheryl has taken heed of Best Tressed's advice (maybe?) and gone back to her brunette, mid-length roots.

According to the lovely L'oreal press office, Cheryl's delicious new hair colour is down to L'oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss in Ice Chocolate 415. Sx

James Brown Scandalous? I should say so

I recently discovered the sister line to James Brown London, Scandalous, which was launched last year, is no longer branded under the James Brown name. OMG! Apparently James felt it wasn't really suited to the line and opted to concentrate on the original James Brown London range. I went to the launch of Scandalous last year (see pic) and James seemed truly excited about the younger, funkier range.

On a personal note, I'm truly relieved the range (now just called Scandalous) is still available exclusively at Superdrug. The Fabulous Flirty Dry Shampoo, £5.49 (Superdrug), is brilliant for re-volumising greasy hair, while the Rock Chick Wave Spray, £5.99, is a must for bedhead tresses. Sx

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Best Tressed Christmas Gift Guide 6

Not one, not two, but three festive treats from Tesco. Why? Well up until Christmas Eve, the supermarket are running a bargainous 3 for 2 offer. What better excuse for a triple-pronged present attack! Sx

Glam Beauty Box, £12

Retro Kick Me To Your Get Away, £4

SPA Spa Candle Set, £3

Kate Moss fragrance signing

Yesterday Kate Moss popped in to Boots. No sadly it wasn't an emergency dash for a Rimmel Kohl, but for her first exclusive fragrance signing. At the Sedley Place branch, she launched her new fragrance, Vintage Muse, a fruity-floral cocktail of plum, rhubarb and blackcurrant. I'm yet to smell the scent so can't give you the Best Tressed verdict.
“We were thrilled to have Kate Moss in Boots today," said Louise Cummings, General Manager, Boots. "It was a great opportunity for our customers to be able to get their Kate Moss Vintage Muse fragrance signed. Makes for a perfect Christmas gift.” Err, yuh-huh!
Now, I'm so glad that Kate isn't too 'big' to meet the people. And I'm pleased that she's still got the people-pulling power to draw in hefty crowds. But what I'm most thankful for is, finally, she's trimmed that fringe. Her beach-blonde tresses and signature bronzer/smokey-eye look is a winner. My weekend makeup is sorted! Sx

Scent from Bliss

You might have heard of, or luckier yet, tried spa brand Bliss. Well the brand have just launched their first scent, Bliss Eau de Toilette, £29 50ml ( How exciting!
The scent behind the, err, scent, permeates their worldwide spas. As the website says, 'It's our spa in a bottle.' So what of the fragrance? The bubble-like bottle - all airy and tranquil-looking - is immediately indicative of the light, fresh scent. However, on first spritz it's surprisingly heady, with an almost creamy, buttery air about it. Apparently, there are top notes of bergamot, dewy greens and cucumber. After a few minutes, you can really smell the floral mid notes of lily and ylang ylang. A violet base note completes the fragrance. It's this undertone that I really like. I kept coming back to my wrist for a whiff. It might be light but it lasts and lasts on the skin. Definitely a fragrance for those who favour lighter, fresher fragrances. Sx

Friday, 26 November 2010

Best Tressed Chistmas Gift Guide 5

I remember screaming when I received my first ever pair of ghd's. They were baby pink and much sleeker than my weapon-of-tress-torture predecessors. Since then, I've used nothing but ghd irons - whether I'm going for a chic and sleek look or bedhead waves, they're the only straighteners to get my thick, wavy locks looking good.

I might have been overjoyed with my pink, limited edition straighteners but opening this bundle of hair joy would have made my head explode. The beautifully-ornate Midnight Collection Deluxe Gift Set, £149 ( includes the new-and-improved Gold Classic Styler, with sleeker, smoother and most importantly, golden (!) plates that create a high-gloss result. The set also includes a heat resistant mat, styling clips, jewel-encrusted case, travel hair dryer and a Baroque-inspired mirror. Phew. It is expensive but remember this...ghds are for life, not just for Christmas. Sx

Billie Piper's favourite toothpaste...Yes, this is news

For a classic look,
try one of Billie's
favourite lip ranges,
Rituals Lipstick
in Attention, £11.50
If you're planning to rock a red lip this season, do think about the effect it will have on your teeth. If you suffer from staining, a bright lip colour will only draw attention to the problem. As celebrity makeup artist, Ruby Hammer, says, "Red lips look great but they're a no if your teeth are discoloured."

So take a cue from lippie-lover, Billie Piper. "I love to wear red lipstick but you really need white teeth to pull it off so I use Beverly Hills Formula Whitening Toothpaste, £3.99 (020 8563 8887). It's a must if you love red lipstick like me."

Ooo look at Lily Cole!

Gone are the famous fiery locks as British model Lily Cole stepped out last night with espresso-brown colour. Yes, Lily has completely revamped her trademark look for a rather more Gothic affair. On first glance, I applauded the high-shine, cool-toned hue that perfectly compliments her alabaster complexion. But actually, I do prefer her naturally ginger locks. The brow-skimming fringe, however, is a complete success. Let this be a lesson to all heart-shape faces. What do you think ladies? Do you prefer Lily with red or black hair? Vote in the Tress Factor poll now! Sx

Superdrug opens first London nail bar today!

Get ready Londoners. Superdrug is set to open its second Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique (the first opened in Meadowhall, Sheffield to rave reviews) in Westfield Shopping Centre today, followed swiftly by High Street Kensington next Thursday. Once again, Superdrug is leading the way in the world of beauty (their mole-check clinics have been a great success), allowing those who perhaps feel alienated by expensive, formal beauty salons the chance to get high fashion nails at high street prices.
Using her self-titled range (which by the way is amazing, more on that to come on Best Tressed next week), therapists have been trained by the doyenne of nails herself. Having tended to the A-list fingertips of Victoria Beckham and Nigella Lawson, Andrea is a real coup for the nationwide beauty emporium. I was actually the first journalist to be taken through the extensive range by the lovely Andrea herself at Superdrug's Christmas press day. What amazed me most, apart from the sheer number of products, was the fact that these innovative, professional-worthy polishes/tools/nail art were so reasonably priced. For example, the Andrea Fulerton Trio Nail Polishes, which allow you to create three nail looks, were a bargainous £7.99.
In terms of the new Nail Boutiques, the collaboration seems to be a match made in manicure heaven for both parties. The treatments address every customer, at every age, from the subtle and chic naked nail buff and shine, to the young and funky half-moon mani and nail tattoos. Prices start at a very reasonable £10, working up to £25 for a gem-encrusted look. Between Thursday and Sunday, the nail bar will allow drop-ins, with appointments necessary the rest of the week. Christmas shopping just got a lot more appealing...Sx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Best Tressed Christmas Gift Guide 4

You could call Lee Stafford my guilty hair pleasure. Only I don't feel remotely remorseful about it. From the funky pink packaging to the delicious, coconutty scent, it's a joy to use. It might look like a young brand but don't be fooled - the rich, nourishing formulas leave hair smooth, manageable and healthy-looking. The Poker Straight Gift Bag, £10 (Boots), contains miniature versions of the Poker Straight Dehumidifier, Dry Shampoo and Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist, plus a pink multi-use Hold Tight Headband. Did I even mention the keepsake pink padded gift bag?
Now, the Poker Straight Dry Shampoo really is a star product. It won't leave hair chalky and instantly revives flagging tresses. But my current favourite from Mr Stafford has to be the Dehumidifier. I have naturally wavy hair that borders on frizzy in humid conditions (especially baths), so I took this away with me this year. It totally transformed my holiday hair. Normally I'm reaching for the GHDs every 5 seconds but whether beach or pool-bound, one all-over spritz of this kept my hair smooth and frizz-free all day. The recipient of this gift bag will get a lot of use out of its products, but if I were you I'd keep it for yourself! Sx

The most expensive nail polish in the world...

It's £83,000. 'Nuff said.

Apparently, (I wouldn't know, obviously) it appears like gold leaf on the nail and the yellow gold lid is dripping in diamonds - 1118 to be precise. If you are rich enough to flitter your money away on 5-figure nail polishes, then head straight to Frost of London (020 3372 0108)

For commoners, like myself, Gold Rush Ready to Wear, £5 (phew) will be available from 23rd February 2011 at Boots. Sx 

Barry M's Magic Paint

I posted a story a couple of weeks ago on my favourite nail brands and their latest launches. Well the much-anticipated Barry M Nail Effects, £3.99 (, just arrived today and as you can see, the results are amazing (even E thought it looked cool). I applied two coats of Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green £2.99, then once dry, painted Nail Effects on top, as you would a top coat. It takes a couple of seconds for the colour to begin shrivelling up to achieve the cracked pattern. The paint is pretty gloopy and the quick-drying formula doesn't leave you much time to get an even coat on, but really, who cares? The more haphazard and 'undone' the look, the better I say. Not only does it allow the manicure-amateur (or 'maniteur' if you will) the chance to look somewhat dexterously-adept, but, as a much-welcome bonus, chips also appear less noticeable. I'm looking forward to trying different colour combos. I can't imagine going monotone again! Sx 

Make a DASH to Beauty Works

Pictured at a jewellery launch, hosted by glamazon Beyonce, ( Kim Kardashian showed off her lustrous mane.

Now, I always thought her waist-length hair was real (cue massive envy), but shut my mouth, she wears extensions. The healthy, natural look of her hair is a real testament to Beauty Works Hair Extensions, the brand of choice for the Dash doll as the raven-haired beauty admits, "I’m obsessed with Beauty Works hair extensions!” At the, launch, Kim wore the Deluxe Instant Clip-Ins Raven 2, £89 ( Sx

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hoorah! Cheryl's Back

Gone are the turbo tan and hair bows. In the video to new single, 'The Flood,' Cheryl Cole is back to her naturally-stunning self. With just a hint of blush, warm brown eyshadow and a couple of coats of mascara, Cheryl lets her gorgeous olive skin tone do the talking, or should that be glowing? It's so refreshing to see her wearing natural-looking, barely-there makeup, coupled with an undone updo. Or in the words of my boyfriend, 'She hasn't done a normal video before.' True dat.

Get Cheryl's look...
Step 1. Start by applying a tinted moisturiser or illuminating foundation.

Step 2. Next apply Miners Beauty Brilliance Highlighter Stick in Dream, £4.49 (, to the tops of the cheekbones, temples, bridge of the nose, brow bone and the cupid's bow. These areas will catch the light to give the illusion of a contoured face.

Step 3. Use a cream blush to apply colour to the apples of the cheeks. For a rosy flush, like Cheryl's, I use Mac's Cream Colour Base in Fabulush, £13 (

Step 4. Cheryl's brows look quite thick and defined in this video so use an eyebrow pencil to fill any gaps, using feathery strokes in the direction of the hair. Try Benefit Instant Brow Pencil, £14 (

Step 5. Having already highlighted the brow bone, apply a brown, powder shadow across the lid, blending in the crease and slightly towards the hair line. Myface Eye Touch Eye Shadow Trio in A Whole Latte Love, £9.99, contains three gorgeous coffee shades.

Step 6. Apply black liquid liner, keeping it as close to the lashes as possible. Add two coats of black mascara. For Cheryl's length and curl, Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara, £14.50 (Boots) is your best bet.
Step 7. Finish with a slick of baby-pink gloss.

Try a Trend...Top Knot

I ALWAYS wear my hair down. Yes, some of the reason for this can be attributed to laziness. But for as long as I can remember tying my hair up has left me suffering from headaches and a sore scalp. My aversion to updos was temporarily suspended, however, when the necessity to shield my hair from gloss paint became a priority (I'm decorating at the moment and my hair is covered in the stuff). I opted for a plaited top knot.

Step 1. Scrape your hair up into a high ponytail at the crown and secure. This style looks best a bit dishevelled so use your fingers to pull the hair back.
Step 2. Section the hair into three and plait.
Step 3. Holding the end of the plait, wrap around the ponytail and secure with kirby grips.
Step 4. Fluff up the sides of your hair a little and spritz all over with a light-hold hairspray. Sx

Rodial Glamtox Eye Light Pen

With plastic-surgery-in-a-bottle faves such as the cult 'Tummy Tuck' and 'Boob Job', it's no wonder Rodial ( is a brand beloved by celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Moss. But bigger boobs and slimmer stomachs don't come cheap, with the A-list faves retailing at £100 and £125 respectively.

So bearing in mind the hefty price tag of the new Glamtox Eyelight Pen (£35 to be precise) I was expecting big, eye-brightening, bag-banishing results. The concealer-come-eye cream claims to illuminate tired-looking eyes, whilst the moisturising, cooling ingredients get to work on those unsightly bags. To use, simply apply under the eye and blend using your middle or ring finger.
I've been using this all week and regrettably, it's not improving on me at all. The flimsy pen packaging does not sit well with the premium price - my lid doesn't even fit on properly. As for the cream itself, I'm underwhelmed. It is far too pinky for my skintone and I can't say I've noticed any cooling/moisturising benefits. Unlike a certain famous skin-illuminator, Rodial's formula also left a lot to be desired on the 'radiance' front (seems to rather more on the matte side), so the brand's suggestion of using it on the cupid's bow, sides of the nose and hollow of the chin to create a glowing finish sadly doesn't work for me. Sx

Best Tressed Christmas Gift Guide 3

Under £15
Marks & Spencer's Essential Colours Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection, £15 (0845 302 1234) is great value for money when you think of how much you'd spend on 48 single shadows. The palette contains two dual-ended eyeshadow applicators, while the brightly-hued shadows come in both matte and shimmer finishes. It's the perfect party companion.

This palette is great for the colour-pop trend

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Kate Middleton's Hair Secret

I love a Royal wedding (well any wedding really) so when the engagement between Kate and Wills was announced last week, I was pretty much glued to my TV, flitting between hashed-together, fluff-documentaries about the pair (my guilty pleasure). One thing immediately struck me when watching the couple's official interview...Forget the heirloom sapphire and diamond engagement ring, the shiniest, most lustrous thing in that interview suite was Kate's impossibly glossy tresses. How could her bouncy, perfectly-coiffed hair have passed me by before? I needed to find out who her stylist was, and that's when an email from the Richard Ward press office landed in my inbox. The Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, London (call 020 7730 1222 for bookings) has been attending to the Middletons' manes for years it seems, and it was seinor stylist, James, who was responsible for that 'do. We applaud you. Here's the official press statement...

Richard, Hellen and the Richard Ward team would like to send their sincere congratulations to Prince William & Kate Middleton on the announcement of their engagement.

It has been widely speculated in the press that Kate and the Middleton family have been loyal salon clients for many years; we would like to confirm this.

Our relationship with the Middleton's has been built on discretion and trust, Richard and his team intend to maintain this relationship whilst respecting Kate’s on-going privacy.

We can confirm our stylist, James, did a fantastic job in enhancing Kate’s look for the engagement press day and we would like to extend our best wishes to the happy couple for the future.

Richard & Hellen Ward

Best Tressed Christmas Gift Guide 2

I am an avid Elemis fan. From indulgent skincare to their too-lovely-to-burn candles, using Elemis products takes you on an imaginary, heavenly journey straight to their Day Spa. And for an indulgent shower treat, I adore the Exotic Frangipiani Monoi Bath & Shower Cream. That's why their Exotic Spa gift set, £49.50 ( is definitely on my Christmas wish-list. Not only does it include this delicious shower cream, but also the Skin Nourishing Milk Bath and Exotic Franipani Monoi Moisture Melt. That Christmas bath will be a serious treat. Did we even mention the crayon-bright, made-for-under-the-tree box? Can you imagine unwrapping this on Christmas morning? Hopefully I won't have to! Sx

Did you know? The product within the gift set should set you back over £87, saving you more than £38?

New Limited Edition Mac Lipstick

Now I don't know about you but I don't know much about Nicki Minaj. She's in's new video 'Check It Out' with our Cheryl (see 'Beauty Blunder of the Week' for the video) - and that's the extent of my knowledge. So I'm quite surprised that Mac have chosen Nicki to launch her own Limited Edition lippie. Perhaps she's a bigger star in America, that's all I can say. Anyways, the lipstick itself is pretty lush. I predict sugary, candyfloss pinks will be big news next season. The satin finish lipstick, £12.50 ( will be available for the next 4 Fridays only (what a clever tactic to boost its exclusivity).

Mac interviewed the up and coming pop star about her Mac must-haves, style icons and the inspiration behind her new lipstick shade?
Tell us about the inspiration for your new M·A·C Lipstick shade, Pink Friday?
This shade is similar to the one I've worn for years by M·A·C but with a little extra ZING! I wanted a color that represented female empowerment as well as euphoria! The color makes u feel free to rule the world. Its sexy, yet fun! It pops! Its theatrical! It turns heads! No matter your age, Pink Friday makes u feel like you're the life of the party!

How did you end up collaborating with M·A·C? What about the brand appeals to you?
I've been wearing M·A·C products since my High School prom. I actually got it done at a M·A·C counter. From that day on, I've been hooked! I've always felt like M·A·C represents women of all colors and shades. The make-up always feels like it was custom made for your skin, your shade, your beauty regimen. The day I sat down with them I was very nervous. This had been my dream for a very long time. Surprisingly, they made me feel right at home. They had researched my pictures, my music, my fans! The staff seemed more like family than co-workers. It was a great experience.

What are some of your favorite M·A·C products?
I love the Studio Tech line for the basics. Once the foundation is on, I add Dolly Mix blush. I don't go anywhere without the M·A·C make-up wipes. Nothing removes make-up better!
You love experimenting with your look. What are your top beauty must-haves?
A Pink Wig, Pink Lips, lots of eye lashes, a great pump, and a pink push up bra!
Who are some of your style icons?
Iman, Naomi Campbell, Donatella Versace, Cyndi Lauper, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson.
Any beauty or style advice for your fans?
Never fall asleep with your make-up on! Always wash your face before you go to bed, keep your face moisturized and drink lots of water!
How did you come up with the name “Pink Friday”?
I was talking to management about a promotional campaign to launch the album on the week of Black Friday. We were throwing out words and ideas and he said Pink Friday. I loved it right away but we still didn't have a name for the album. About a week later in the airport I was talking about the album again and I shouted Pink Friday! That's not just a campaign! That's the name of this album! It represents change. The day has been called Black Friday all my life. I wanted to make a splash that week similar to how I've made a splash in Hip Hop which has always been male dominated.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Rihanna...what a difference a week makes

Here I was banging on about my love for Ri-Ri's look, from those fierce nails to her delicately-curled, crimson tresses. But since then, she's made not one, but TWO beauty blunders. After last week's Avril Lavigne-straight extensions, the pop starlet debuted this hair horror at the American Music Awards...

I applaud her chameloen-like hair tendencies and she almost pulls off this style - I'll give her that - but this is not enough to excuse the poodle perm. I love the new toned-down, auburn hue though. Perhaps Cheryl Cole should take a colour cue from Rihanna. What do you think ladies? Do you like her corkscrew curls or prefer her hair poker-straight? Sx

Best Tressed Christmas Gift Guide

If, like me, you've only just realised it's but a mere 33 sleeps to the big C-day, then it's time to panic. No, just kidding. Just follow Best Tressed's Christms Gift Guide for gorgeous beauty buy ideas for him, her and whoever.
Let's begin with the delicious Philosophy Holiday Greetings gift set, £18 (exclusive to John Lewis). The hoard-worthy packaging contains their award-winning 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath in Brown Butter Cookie (mmm), Coconut Macaroon Body Butter and Pink Frosted Cookie High-Gloss, High-Flavor Lip Shine. Sx

Beauty Q&A...

From Natalie: "I've been watching X Factor every week and I'm growing increasingly envious of those amazing lashes on a certain Geordie judge. They make my own look horrifying (what with them going in all directions/being odd lengths an' all). Just wondering what's the best way to apply false eyelashes quickly and easily? It usually takes me half an hour and they fall off 20 minutes later!! Need help! Thanks beauty guru :)

From Jane Bradley, makeup artist to Leona Lewis: "Before applying your lashes, make sure they are the right length and trim with scissors from the outer end if necessary. Now use the eyelash glue and apply a thin layer along the band. The key is to wait until it starts to go slightly transparent, this is when it will be at its stickiest. Now place a mirror on the table, look down and try to apply the lashes as close to the natural lash root as possible. When the glue has dried, use a little black eyeliner or eye shadow over the band to disguise it. I absolutely love the Girls With Attitude Eyelashes range."

Jane's top tip..."Take the lash between your thumb and your finger and bend into a ‘U’ shape several times to give the lash movement and flexibility."

Beauty writer verdict: I, too, always have trouble with false lashes so used Jane's method to apply the new Girls With Attitude Burlesque Beauty Dita Lashes, £5.50 Boots, (FYI, they're inspired by Aguilera's new film by the same name). Rather than having to apply the adhesive directly to the lashes, these came with a handy brush applicator. I would say, make sure you apply enough glue. As Jane said, if you do end up with any excess, just cover with black liquid liner. I applied these first thing this morning and after a day of DIY (yes I wear falsies to paint radiators and celings) they were still going strong. GWA lashes are my new night-out must-haves. Sx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Body Shop Sham-poop

I took this new shampoo and conditioner with me on holiday. The new Rainforect Collections shampoo, £4, 250ml, has a silky, transparent formula, which lathers into a thick foam. The conditioner, £4, smells like a swimming pool - all clean and fresh - but has the consistency of PVA glue. In fact it seemed to 'glue' itself to the inside of the bottle, which made getting it out more of an exercise in banishing wattle. You would think that such a concentrated dose of conditioner would deliver a silky-soft, tangle-free result. Not so. My hair was left dull-looking and knotty...and I hate knots! As if this wasn't enough of a blow, the shampoo depositied a sticky, greasy residue on my roots. A problem that I've encountered each time I've used the Rainforest Collections, no matter how long I rinse for. Ironically, I used the Balance variety - so much for cleansing excess oil! Unimpressed. Sx

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Katie Waissel's New 'Do

At first I thought it was a wig. But quickly it dawned on me that Katie Waissel's trademark blonde curls had been lopped off in favour of a brunette pixie 'do. The reason? A well-placed source (I've always wanted to say that) told me this week that Katie's hair was in such poor condition from years of bleaching, it was starting to fall out. Most of the comments on twitter and facebook seem to be united in their disdain for the new style. As much as I envied Katie's bouncy, blonde curls, I must say I really do like this new cut.

Let us not forget, the crop is undoubtedly THE style of the season (think Emma Watson, Michelle Williams and Ginnifer Goodwin) and luckily, Katie's small features can carry off this elfin cut. On tonight's Xtra Factor, Katie divulged the reason behind her dramatic new cut. 'I just think that there's only so much I could've done with my hair. It was really badly damaged from before the show. That and I kind of just wanted a fresh start. And what girl doesn't want to cut and colour their hair?' Too right Katie. What do you think of Waissel's 'do? Vote in the new Tress Factor poll! Sx

What my boyfriend does when he's bored...

Hand art is the new nail art, don't you know? Sx