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Thursday, 28 April 2011

NEW! Accessorize Summer Nail Colours

Okay, so they're not launching until June but I couldn't wait to show you Accessorize's new summer nail collection. I've been rocking the Midnight Blue (seems particularly apt for a certain royal wedding tomorrow) and the yellow is bang on trend (FYI, Chanel's recently launched yellow shade is already selling on ebay at extortionate rates!). The polishes cost just £4 each, available at Accesorize and Supderdrug, and go on sale in June! Sx

Midnight Blue


Sunny Days

Zesty Orange


Sugar Plum

Royal Wedding Special!

I never expected to focus on, let alone admire K-Mid's Sloane-style beauty. As a girl who favours the slept-in kohl look and rocky, bedhead hair, Kate's glossy polish just shouldn't appeal. But, as I've learnt, I am powerless to resist her impossibly shiny hair and pristine nails, so I have leapt head-first on to the royal bandwagon.

So here's what we know. Richard Ward stylist, James Pryce will be styling her hair on the big day. Kate's been going to the salon for years and according to reports both her mother and sister, Pippa, will also be having their hair styled by the same stlist. Apparently, Kate has issued one rule to the stylist, that her groom must see it's her by the time she gets to the altar, so I don't think we'll be seeing a big leap from her usual style.

Her glowing skin is down to oxygen therapy, and it's been widely reported that K-Mid is a fan of Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream, £35 (, which contains 2% oxygen to flush out spot-causing toxins to detox and illuminate. Sticking with the oxygen theme, Kate has apparently recently undergone a complexion-boosting Crystal Clear facial, beloved by Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. The treatment involves a puncture jet system of oxygen to stimulate microcirculation within the skin for a firmer, more luminous complexion.

Last week, Kate was spotted making a few last minute purchases at a Lancome counter. According to the press team, she walked away with Hydra Zen Neurocalm Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream, £37 - this makeup artists' favourite helps the skin retain water for day-long moisture.

K-Mid obviously loves her dark eye makeup (a girl after my own heart) as she also purchased the LancĂ´me Hypnose Mascara in Black £20.50, and Artliner, £20, a super-precise waterproof liner.

Hypnose Mascara
Apparently Kate has long been a fan of this liner, and as for the mascara, I can vouch for Kate's choice - I've used this mascara before and it really does make lashes pop!

As to my own prophecies about Kate's wedding style, I believe she will go for her usual hair down look - think bouncy, soft waves and mirror shine. I actually had a manicure with the nail maestro who will be doing both Kate and Camilla's nails for the wedding a few weeks ago (not sure if I'm allowed to divulge her name, I don't fancy spending my Bank Holiday in the Tower) but I imagine Kate will go for the 'new' French - softer and paler than previous WAGish incarnations. As for makeup, I see barely-there flushed cheeks, a neutral lip and softly smoky eyes. I can't wait! Sx

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

OMG! Blake gives blonde locks the shake!

I never thought I'd see the day when her of swishy, bouncy and most importantly blonde locks fame, Blake Lively, would join the celebrity colour swap shop. But at the Time 100 Most Influential People Party for 2011, the Gossip Girl star showed up with not blonde, not even brunette locks, but with red hair. See the pictures here...

Okay so the shade is more of a strawberry, coppery colour than say, all-out Rihanna red, but I think it must be role-related. While I must say Blake will forever be synonomous with enviable golden tresses, I do admire the new shade - it suits her colouring and looks impossibly shiny. As the latest in an increasingly long line of stars hitting the scarlet bottle, it seems Hollywood is on red alert at the moment! Sx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Try a Trend...Pastel Eyes

M&S Essential Colours Trio Eyeshadow in Green Mix, £3

Accessorize Single Eyeshadow in Mermaid, £4

MeMeMe Candy Eyes Trio, £5.50, launches 11th May in Superdrug

Bloom Eye Paint in Mauve, £10 (Superdrug)

Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow in Rock Violet, £14 (Boots)

All About Face Eyeshadow in Light Pink, £1.49 (Tesco)

MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 16, £1 (Superdrug)

Ice to Meet You!

There are some beauty buys that are so impossibly cute, you never want to use them. These new handmade Jelly Pong Pong Soap Popsicles, £7 ( certainly fit the brief. The ice lolly soaps are made with deeply moisturising ingredients, such as saponified oils and glycerine for a no-guilt skin treat. Sx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Jessie J gives a masterclass in makeup

Jessie J's latest song, 'Nobody's Perfect', is less a lesson in love (check out the lyric prowess) and more a visual what's-what of new season makeup trends. Yes, for the common woman, some of the looks are perhaps a little 'out there' but by taking elements of each look, you can dip a toe in the on-trend waters. For my part, I'll be wearing the gun metal grey eye and purple lip combo. But I have to say, I love Jessie's no makeup look - milky skin juxtaposed with near jet-black hair and just a hint of a pinky magic Sx

Dannii Minogue and ModelCo Fibre Lash Mascara

Dannii taking a bow

Yesterday I went to the launch of ModelCo's latest innovation, Fibre Lash Mascara at the Hospital Club, Covent Garden. Founder, Shelley Barratt, used to be a model agent (hence the name and inspiration behind the brand) and was on hand to discuss the company's success. Started in Sydney in 2002, it seems only right the new face of Fibre Lash should be everyone's favourite Aussie (after Alf Stewart of course), Dannii Minogue. I was sat a few seats down from Dannii and my, she's petite in real life. Her beachy blonde colour had grown out into a mid-brown hue, which made her piercing blue eyes really! Sadly, Dannii only had time to speak and have her photograph taken with one journalist. Harumph. It would've been nice to get the lowdown on her beauty must-haves.

She did, however, rave about the mascara set on stage. She first discovered the product when she went for a massage and the therapist's lashes were so long she couldn't concentrate on what she was saying. It turned out she was wearing Fibre Lash Mascara. "On the last series of X Factor, everyone was saying to me, 'you look so young', and it was because I'd stopped using false lashes and applying Fibre Lash instead," she said. Minogue makeup artist, Christian Vermaak, has been using the mascara on sister, Kylie, too.

Dannii went on to talk about her love of makeup, admitting, "I am a confessed beauty junkie, but I only have 5 minutes to do my makeup while juggling a baby and rushing around." So hooked is she on the new mascara that she's even been wearing two coats to nip to the shops, but realised the 'fabulash' result (a word she's coined herself) was a bit much for day.

As for the mascara itself, it involves a three step process - first, the black mascara coats the lashes, before the mini lash fibres are applied, just as you would use mascara. The fibres come out white so the final step is reapplying the mascara, in a zig-zag, wiggle fashion.

Now at £35, it's steep - there's no arguing that - and according to the press release, you'll get 40 uses out of one pack. If, as the product claims, it replaces the need to wear false lashes, then I suppose you could argue that actually the cost per wear doesn't work out too badly...that is if you wear falsies everyday. For my part, I'm really impressed by the product itself. For those that can't get to grip with falsies or really like that Cheryl Cole length on a daily basis, then this could be worth the investment. As you can see from the below pictures, my lashes are visibly longer and, as a welcome bonus, nicely curled. It's very easy to use and just wearing it today, I've had people comment on my lashes. My one criticism is the lashes do have a slight spidery look them, like those spiders that have furry legs, so my advice would be don't go overboard with the fibres. I would definnitely say that this is the best mascara product I've tried in terms of mimicking the effect of false lashes. It gets pretty darn close.

The mascara will be available in Boots from June but from today you can sign up to the waiting list on Sx
No mascara

After one coat of mascara and fibres

Left eye: two coats; Right eye: one coat

Dannii and erm, myself!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

NEW! Revlon A/W Nail Shades

Nail fads may come and go but the brand responsible for the invention of polish, Revlon, will remain a constant. True, its classic shades, high gloss finish and budget price point have made Revlon a steadfast fave of mums and grandmas, but something has been stirring for a little while now, which is about to catapult the brand into the proverbial polish stratosphere. It really just begun with the launch of the totally tropical Scented Nail Enamels, which have injected a little bit of fun and freshness back into the brand.

On top of that, the brand have just announced a new collaboration with top and importantly UK-based celebrity manicurist, Jenny Longworth, who is currently bewjewlling the nails of Jessie J. Trendy, or what! Yesterday I saw a sneak peek of the new A/W Top Speed Nail Enamel collection and it's as hip as Alexa's arm candy. On top of the new quick-drying formula (yes, it really is touch-dry in a minute!), the colours are totally lust-worthy -  there's a mushroomy, greige that screams catwalk and a bright royal blue that will look fabulous on pale skin. I opted for the icy-blue Cloud, dotted with Guava. Amazing! My lovely manicurist used a metal stick to achieve the look but according to Jenny, you can achieve the look at home with a cocktail stick. That's my bank holiday weekend sorted! Sx

Tip from the top...instead of using a cotton bud soaked in remover to clear up excess polish, my manicurist used the Revlon concealer brush, £5.99 (Boots) dipped in polish! Its tapered bristles mean you can be more precise and accurate and there's no need to worry about getting cotton wool stuck in your mani!

Monday, 18 April 2011

How cute!

Sometimes it's nice to have a bit of gratuitous gorgeousness and this 1200W Travel Hairdryer, £15 from Marks & Spencer is certainly pretty. And while unequivocally sound on the style front, it doesn't falter on substance either. The folding handle keeps it neat in your case so you won't have to compromise on bikini space, and the two drying speeds and nozzle mean beach-to-bar hair is as easy as 1, 2, sangria! Sx

Friday, 15 April 2011

Garnier Style Trends

Tired of the same old summer styles? I know I am. I rely on side ponytails and pinned back bangs to get me and my tresses through balmy days and quite frankly, I'm a little bored. Inspired by the new vibrant Garnier Ultra Color shades, super stylist and brand ambassador, Oliver Woods, has created three on trend styles for summer using the new Fructis styling products. So put down the sea salt spray and step away from that tiresome low ponytail. It's time to pick a new style for summer. Sx

The Halo Plait
Suits: Blondes

"This style works particularly well on multi-dimensional blonde hair for a beautiful summery style full of contrasting textures and colours."

1. "To give the hair workable texture, apply mousse or the new Garnier Fructis Style Camouflage Paste, £2.99, for coarser hair. Work in a walnut sized amount into damp hair and dry roughly with a hairdryer. Part your hair as you wish, then take hold of the first section of hair at the top of the head, and separate into three small sections."

2. "Begin plaiting, taking the first piece underneath the next and repeating. It's important to go underneath rather than over the top of each piece like a normal braid, which would sit too high for this style. We want the plait as flat to the head as possible."

3. "Repeat on the other side and tuck both braids under each other where they meet, secured down at the nape of the neck with bobby-pins to create the appearance of one continuous braid."

3. "Pinch the flat hair at the front of the style to tease in extra texture and to loosen the look. Finish by misting with the hairspray."

The Flo Wave
Suits: Redheads

"Bright, bold red hair cries out for texture. A single sheet of vivid red hair can look one dimensional and flat."

1. "Prep hair by turning your head upside down and massaging a handful of Fructic Style Curl Definition Mousse into freshly washed roots. Dry your hair roughly in all directions. Blast cold air at the roots to add volume."

2. "Partition the dry hair into manageable sections, securing the sections you aren't working on with a hair band. To curl hair, use a wide-barrel curling iron. Starting with one section, take a 1-inch portion of hair and wrap around the barrel. I recommend alternating the direction of the curl for each section to make the curls look more natural. Release the curl after about 5-10 seconds, release and you should have a corkscrew curl."

3. "Remove any nozzles from the hairdryer and gently loosen the waves with cool air. You can also separate curls by running your fingers roughly through the hair, pulling gently down to give a roughed up look."

4. Fix the style with the new Fructis Style Crystal Resist Hairspray Volume, £2.69, which is 24hr humidity resistant and enriched with crystal mineral to give your style long-lasting hold and brilliant shine."
The Sleek-a-Boo Pony
Suits: Brunettes

"A ponytail is a glossy brunette's best friend. This looks like an ordinary pony from the front, but has added detail which not only looks intricate but makes the ponytail move with a satisfying swish and swing."

1. "Blow dry your hair back directionally and secure with a band into a tight ponytail. A walnut sized amount of the new Garnier Fructis Camouflage Gel, £2.99, will go a long way to smooth down any stray hairs. For a super straight ponytail, flat iron the ponytail itself too."

2. "Divide the ponytail in two and then, one section at a time, twist the top 3 inches of each section inwards until they're wound tightly."

3. "Join the two twisted sections together, and fasten with another band."

4. "Finish with a touch more Camouflage Paste, £2.99, to smooth the pony and a light mist of hairspray."

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color, £5.49 (nationwide) is available now Sx

Drew Goes Ginge

The world of celebrity hair really is a colour swap shop of late. Now, former root-stretch advocate, Drew Barrymore, has swapped her grungey dip-dyed ends for monotone coppery locks. See the new colour here...

In fact her new fiery shade reminds me of that of this red-headed Maylor...Sx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Try a Trend...Rainbow Lips

Forget finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Try one or all of these on-trend rainbow-bright shades and you'll find a new season, statement look instead! Sx

Sleek Lipstick in Amethyst, £3.29 (Superdrug)

Essential Colours Lipstick in Candy, £2.50 (

GOSH Velvet Lipstick in Tropical Pink, £7 (Superdrug)

Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Full Speed, £13.50 (

BeautyUK Lipstick in Copperleaf, £2.49 (Superdrug)

Barry M Bright Lipstick in 117, £4.49 (Superdrug)

Launch Thursday

This year's summer launches are in full swing and this week was no exception. On Monday, I was taken to see Kylie at the o2 with Pond's skincare. The nation fell in love with Pond's all over again after the Australian songstress admitted she kept her skin glowing with the brand's Cold Cream Cleanser, so it seemed particularly apt that we went to see her. The show was amazing, and the treatment above and beyond. On canape watch, we were treated to sticky chicken wings and chunky die!

On Tuesday, I went to the St Martin's Lane Hotel to check out the latest lashes from Eylure. Celebrity makeup artist, Chloe Butcher, was on hand to talk us through this season's lash trends and demonstrated the new upper and lower lashes on a model. They might sound a tad scary but the lower lashes really embodied the current 70s trend. I'll be trying a pair this weekend so stay tuned!

Next I went to the fabulous rooftop lounge at the Sanctum Soho Hotel for a Garnier colour trends launch. Colourist to the stars, Lyndell Mansfield, gave us the lowdown on the latest tress trend for all things vibrant, while styling guru, Oliver Woods, provided 3 key summer styles to team with these bright shades. I'll be posting more on this very soon. Sx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Nivea Celebrates 100th Birthday with Rihanna

I can't imagine celebrating my birthday in any greater fashion than a cosy chat/messy night out/even a fleeting 'hello' would do me, with Rihanna. As many of you will know, I live my life by the W.W.R.D mantra (for sporadic Best Tressers, that stands for 'What Would Rihanna Do'). If I begin to shy away from a bright lipstick, I think W.W.R.D and confidently slick on that fluoro fuchsia or gothic plum. If I want to wear a low-cut dress, by God I will, and why? Because that's what Ri-Ri would do (have you SEEN the new Kanye West video? A-maze!).

So big props (and serious envy) must go to Nivea who have just signed Rihanna to be 'the voice' of the brand's centennial celebrations, starting in May. Nivea will be focusing on the heritage of the brand, while at the same time planning the next campaign around a younger generation of fans..cue Rihanna!
“Over the past 100 years, NIVEA has been an iconic skincare brand across the world that is built on the trust of our consumers. We are excited to have Rihanna supporting us in our celebration and building a new generation of fans,” said Markus Pinger, member of the board, responsible for Brands.
Nivea will be sponsoring Ri-Ri's tour in May and I must say, it's a real coup for the brand. In fact, I'm surprised it's taken this long for a mass market company to sign her up. Good work Nivea! Sx

Cher goes to the dark side...

God I can't keep up with Cher Lloyd's tress antics. One minute her long brunette locks are lopped off in favour of a Rihanna-red bob, and now Cher's returned to her dark roots with a glossy, chocolate 'do. I always liked her hair long but I have to say I'm liking the new blunt fringe. She sure is the spit of Cheryl here. Check out her new cut and colour on her Twitter page here...yfrog Photo : Shared by CherLloyd Sx

NEW! Paul & Joe Blue Horizon Collection

Inspired by golden beaches, crystal clear seas and burning sunsets comes Paul & Joe's new summer collection, Blue Horizon. Team dreamy, sheeny colours with super-cute packaging and you have a match made in summer heaven.

Bronzer B in Siren, £21

Eye Colour B in Tranquility, £13.50

Eye Gloss Duo B, £16.50

Lip Gloss B in Swept Away, £15

Lip Gloss B in Sailor's Delight, £15

Nail Enamel in Mediterranean, £10
The Limited Edition Blue Horizon Collection is available from Fenwick, New Bond Street (020 7629 9161 ext 277. Sx