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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Rodial Glamtox Eye Light Pen

With plastic-surgery-in-a-bottle faves such as the cult 'Tummy Tuck' and 'Boob Job', it's no wonder Rodial ( is a brand beloved by celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Moss. But bigger boobs and slimmer stomachs don't come cheap, with the A-list faves retailing at £100 and £125 respectively.

So bearing in mind the hefty price tag of the new Glamtox Eyelight Pen (£35 to be precise) I was expecting big, eye-brightening, bag-banishing results. The concealer-come-eye cream claims to illuminate tired-looking eyes, whilst the moisturising, cooling ingredients get to work on those unsightly bags. To use, simply apply under the eye and blend using your middle or ring finger.
I've been using this all week and regrettably, it's not improving on me at all. The flimsy pen packaging does not sit well with the premium price - my lid doesn't even fit on properly. As for the cream itself, I'm underwhelmed. It is far too pinky for my skintone and I can't say I've noticed any cooling/moisturising benefits. Unlike a certain famous skin-illuminator, Rodial's formula also left a lot to be desired on the 'radiance' front (seems to rather more on the matte side), so the brand's suggestion of using it on the cupid's bow, sides of the nose and hollow of the chin to create a glowing finish sadly doesn't work for me. Sx

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