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Monday, 29 November 2010

Best Tressed Christmas Gift Guide 8

I'm so glad Accessorize have ventured into the world of makeup and fragrance. Otherwise, this little beauty wouldn't have shown up at my doorstep. The Paradise Fragrance Wardrobe, £14.99 (, Boots, Superdrug), which comes in two other themes (Boho and Forever), allows the recipient to create their very own bespoke fragrance.

The box, with its fluoro-floral lining, is a definite keepsake. Having tried both fragrances in the Paradise set (which by the way, can be worn on their own), I must say I'm very impressed. The zesty 'Bliss' scent was a little too orangey for my tastes but 'Butterfly' - a warm, soft floral - was really wearable. Mixing the two was more fun than I thought - I tried it twice and both combinations were different (I think depending on how vigorously you spritz). Overall, a well-priced, unique gift. Sx

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