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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

NEW! 17 Supreme Shine Nail Polish

Another week, another nail polish to test. This time it's 17's Supreme Shine Nail Polish in Coral Pop, £3.99 (Boots), a colour made for beach-bound toes and picnic-eating fingers. In a word, it's summery. The polish boasts a glossy finish and colour that apparently lasts up to 10 days. Now I always find this rather a vague statement. Of course, if I left my nails for 10 days, some, in fact I'm sure most of the colour would still be present 10 days later, that is if you don't mind large, gaping chips at the tips of your nails. If however, they do mean 10 days-worth of chip-free colour then I'm afraid I can't quite attest to this.

Day 4
I painted my nails on Saturday and although, 4 days in, they are slightly chipped, I must say I'm impressed. It seems that most nail polishes these days are opting in favour of wide-angled brushes, which make manicure-worthy nails much easier to achieve. The formula is highly pigmented. Indeed, I probably could've gotten away with one coat but in the interest of fair testing I opted for the recommended two coats. 17's high-shine claims are not exaggerated in the least - from the first slick to the 4th day, my nails look super healthy and glossy. The colour remained chip-free for about 24 hours but even now, a few days in, I don't feel the need to remove the polish or even touch-up, so slight are the chips. Best-Tressed rating: 4/5 Sx

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