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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tried and Tested...Tweezers

Everybody deserves a good pair of tweezers. I've been through my fair share...from the traditional slanted to the torturous-looking pointed variety, and yet I'm still on the lookout to find my perfect pluckers. So I decided to test three of the latest tweezer launches and continue the search for my brow soulmate...

LA Tweez Pro-Illuminating Tweezer, £15 (
Best for: Hard-to-reach hairs
In all my time as a beauty journalist, never have I seen such a gorgeous pair of tweezers. But unlike a lot of products that seem to prioritise style over substance, these tweezers aren't just about looking good. Yes, we love the lace-like arms, but we love the mirrored carry-case and LED light even more. At the flick of a button (a crystal button, no less) a super-bright light illuminates all those short, stray hairs that are near-invisible in natural daylight. The only downside is the tip, which seems to slip off the hair, so it did take me a couple of tries to pluck each stray.
Alida Tweezers With Attitude, £2.99 (
Best for: All-round plucking
I've got a serious crush on these tweezers. Even my boyfriend commented on the unique design (shocker!). Each pair is adorned with the silhouette of a girl - from the glam Carrie to the classic Jackie. To some, these tweezers might look gimmicky, but their plucking power is really impressive. The stainless steel slanted tip means long and short hairs are removed from the root effortlessly. All this, for under £3...go and buy these now!

Ruby & Millie Dual Tweezers, £15 (
Best for: Ingrown hairs
I've always been a fan of Ruby & Millie tweezers, so I had high hopes for this dual-ended pair. If you like your tweezers light and portable, then this is your pair (I personally prefer tweezers to have a bit of weight to them). I think the arms could benefit from being slightly wider, to get a better grip, particularly when plucking with the slanted end. The pointed tip, however, is great for extracting super-short hairs and ingrown hairs. Sx

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  1. I used to sell La Tweez tweezers, they are the best tweezers ever!! Jacqueline x