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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lady Gaga Glams Up

From tomorrow, makeup maestros MAC will be launching in the UK, an interactive site where fans can add to their lipstick collection with a VIVA GLAM lipstick and upload a photo of themselves to show charity frontwoman, Lady Gaga, how they "Glam This Way." In celebration of the website launch comes a gorgeous new shade, inspired by Gaga herself. The gorgeous warm beige shade, Viva Glam Gaga 2, comes in both lipstick, £13.50, and lipglass, £12.50, finishes (FYI, it's the perfect shade to team with a smoky, charcoal eye). The charity helps raise money for HIV/AIDS sufferers around the world through the sales of MAC VIVA GLAM so help support the cause and get your GLAM on now. Sx 

NEW! See your own skin shrink!

Since my A Level Communications lessons, I've been aware of Dr Linda Papadopoulos. I wasn't aware, however, that her main area of focus lies in Psychodermatology, the study of the mind's impact upon the skin. Stress has a massive effect on the complexion - it is known to cause eczema - but according to research, it also has a massive effect on the skin's ageing process. When we're stressed, our bodies release cortisol, which speeds up our metabolism causing premature ageing.  Cue LP Skin Therapy, a new skincare range that boosts the body's feel-good chemicals to limit the effect of stress on the skin. Not only that, but the products are full of wrinkle-busting peptides and complexion-boosting vitamins to enhance the skin.

The Multi-Task Day Cream, £47, smells fresh and fruity (the scent is energising pomegranate). It has a lightweight, thin consistency and feels instantly soothing on the skin. The cream contains Vitamins A, C, E and F to boost skin thickness, while a combination of peptides help to plump and smooth. It appears very shiny on the skin at first, but after 5 minutes it soon subsided into more of a healthy-looking glow. I put it to the test and applied foundation after 5 minutes. It didn't flake or make my foundation appear shiny in the slightest, very important for a day cream. It should be pointed out that it does not include an SPF so you should apply separate protection.

Good lip exfoliators are hard to find. Clarins do a great one but Dr Linda's Refining Lip Exfoliator, £20, might be my new favourite. The zesty scent hits you immediately and the skin-sloughing formula is nicely abrasive. The beads sit in a thick, creamy formula that leaves your lips lip-smackingly smooth and hydrated for hours after.

There are two eye products in the range: one which works on brightening and smoothing the lower eye area, the other targets sagging across the brow bone. The former, the Untired Eye Cream, £35, should be tapped across bags with your ring finger. It soon soaks in and feels soft and velvety on the skin. Appearance-wise, I can't say I noticed much of a difference but then again, I don't suffer terribly from dark circles.

The Re-affirm Eye Serum, £35, has a gel-like consistency and feels refreshing and cooling upon application. To apply, I used my ring finger to gently tap the serum across the upper eye area. Unlike the other products, I didn't notice much of an uplifting scent but my brow bone did feel a little more taught.

My favourite product from the range has to be the Uplifting Facial Water, £20. With soothing aloe vera and protective antioxidants, I've been keeping it on my desk for a quick skin pick-me-up (which is de-stressing in itself) but it can also be spritzed on to a cotton wool pad and used as a toner. The water even contains 24 carat colloidal gold to fight against ageing. Hoorah! The range is available from and will be launching in Harrods this summer. Sx

Me with Dr Linda

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Cut

Her long, hippy-esque locks have been her trademark since the impossibly gleeful days of 'High School Musical' but I've just spotted Vanessa with a super-cute shoulder length cut. Check out the pictures here... I love the thin buttery pieces running through the bottom, and the chunky layers work really well with her naturally wavy texture. Good job V, Sx

NEW! Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics

Shade 1
This month sees the launch of YSL Pure Chromatics, a range of eyeshadows that can be applied wet or dry to create varying colour intensity. Each iconic gold compact comes with two applicators - a sponge to apply shadow dry and a silicone applicator to use with water. The colours are perfectly complimentary and a great way to update the classic smoky eye (I used palette shade 3 - think shimmering sky blues on the inner eye and brow bone, blending out towards deep, burnished browns). Used dry the colours are soft and subtle - ideal for daywear. On contact with water though, the chromatic pigment is instantly intensified, and the shadow itself turns to a more creamy consistency with a high-shine, metallic finish. To apply wet, dip the silicone applicator in water and then into the eyeshadows. After a few minutes of playing around, I learnt that short, feathery strokes are  best when applying the colour wet. This keeps the colour strong and fluid, rather than drawing on in one solid line, where the intensity sort of fizzles out. If I'm being very critical, perhaps I'm a little disappointed. Most shadows intensify when applied wet so I was expecting something out of the ordinary from Pure Chromatics. However, if you like to play around with makeup, creating new shades, blending and layering, then this is the eye palette for you. The Pure Chromatics Wet & Dry Eyeshadows, £37, are on counter now.

Eyeshadows DRY

Eyeshadows WET

Eyeliners after wetting and rubbing

Next on to the Crayon Yeux Waterproof Eyeliners, £18 (Boots). Last week, I was kindly sent some to put to the test and the colours' long-wearing durability really stands up. The formulas are intensely creamy - these aren't the sort of liners that are going to drag or pull across your eye - and the pigments impressive. I applied the Black, Brown and Burgundy shades to my arm and spent 10 minutes wetting the colours and rubbing aggresively. The below picture shows just how far I got, i.e. not very far at all. It eventually took eye makeup remover and a cotton wool pad to completely remove them. I'll be wearing these come rain or shine this summer. Sx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Great Airbrushing Debate

Apparently Britney Spears has become embroiled in a new row about the airbrushing of her new album promo shots. See the pictures here... Aside from the fact that the airbrushed shots don't actually make her look 'pounds lighter' as The Daily Mail argues, I think she looks great...cue a surge of death threats.

You see, I don't have a problem with airbrushing and feel that the government/tabloids/middle-class busy-bodies who slam this sort of visual editing are greatly underestimating the British public. Of course models and celebrities don't really look like that but surely most of us realise this. In my career as a beauty journalist, I've often worked with models and can tell you first hand that yes, some are impossibly beautiful in the flesh, with the most flawless, transparent of skins and a metabolism that permits them to gorge on crisps and chocolate without putting on a pound. But for every otherwordly creature, there's a model whose book is, erm, how shall I put this, misleading. I once had a girl turn up to a shoot who had experienced an allergic reaction to eggs. She knew she was allergic but helpfully thought she would test it the night before the shoot. She had broken out in bumps all over her face and not even the best makeup artists in the world could've completely masked the reaction. It's at times like these when you think, 'thank God for airbrushing.' Because, however shallow and sinister this makes me sound, I buy magazines to look at beautiful, perfect things, from clothes that I will never be able to afford to unachievable makeup looks.

And as for the magazine and the airbrushing culture creating, or at least encouraging, eating disorders and low self esteem in young girls, I can only say that that has not been my own experience. Yes, I'm convinced that there are girls that look at models in magazines and think, 'why can't I be as slim/pretty/perfect at them' but all my self-esteem issues growing up, from not feeling clever enough to being 'chubbier' than others, did not stem from watching Hollyoaks or reading glossy magazines, but from everyday socialisation. I've always had friends who were slimmer than me, cleverer than me and had better skin than me. Heck, even in my own family (I have two very pretty sisters) I've grown up spending most days comparing myself to them and I know they have too. I still have a hang up about my stomach after a girl shouted 'you look pregnant' at me, aged 10. I look back at photos - there wasn't an ounce of fat on me - but it stayed with me and had nothing to do with magazines/airbrushing/celebrities.

For those that abhor the idea of airbrushing in magazines and advertisements, I would ask are we all not a little bit guilty of visual editing? How many of us have de-tagged a photo on Facebook because we look rough/drunk/all of the above? Or even gone through our digital camera memory after a night out and deleted the photos with eyes closed or where we simply don't look out best? I wager that most of us would admit to one or the other. Casio even make a camera now with built-in airbrushing to mask blemishes and boost skin tone...I'm not ashamed to admit that I looked at this camera for this very reason.

But aside from all of these reasons why airbrushing isn't necessarily the root of all evil, really who cares? For now, I'll still be de-tagging photos and brushing out the odd spot on Paint and I shouldn't have to feel bad about it. What do you think Best Tressers? Sx

NEW! Jennifer Lopez Love And Glamour Eau de Parfum

Her new scent is all about old school, Hollywood glamour and the bottle has a distinct air of Oscar about it. Jenny from the block she ain't but I've got to say this might be my favourite fragrance from the Jennifer Lopez back catalogue. From a visual point of view, the packaging - all pink and flecked with gold - is glamourous, sure, but in a refreshingly modest manner. The bottle, too, despite its award-like aesthetic, is not at all garish, like a myriad of celeb scents around today. In fact, it was apparently inspired by 'the confident and voluptuous physique of a woman.' Wonder who that could be?

As for the fragrance itself, I've surprised myself with how much I like it. The perfume opens with a peachy scent (that will be the top notes of mandarin, guava and nectarine pulp then), before fading into a floral heart of waterlily, coconut orchid and jasmine petals. Sandalwood, musk and amber make up the long-wearing, alluring base. I must confess, it's not my usual sort of scent - for one, I'm not normally a fan of fruity florals - but I've been completely won over. A lovely scent for summer.

Jennifer Lopez Love And Glamour EDP, from £12.50, is available from 3rd April in department stores nationwide. Sx

The press gift that arrived this morning...made for my bathroom!

The Lust List...Cosmetic Bags

Silver Cosmetic Bag, £6 (Marks & Spencer)

Linen Kiss & Makeup Drawstring Bag, £14.99 (

Beach Hut Cosmetic Bag, £5 (Next)

Polka Dot Cosmetic Bag, £1.95 (Superdrug)

M·A·C Limited Edition Wonder Woman Blue Makeup Bag, £20.50 (

Soap & Glory Big Make Up Bag, £10 (Boots)

Union Jack Makeup Bag, £7.99 (

Hello Kitty London Beauty Bag, 9.50 (Marks & Spencer)

And my own lovely new cosmetic bag from Syeda...
Memoirs Stamps Wash Bag, £12 (

Monday, 28 March 2011

Anne Hathaway's Grecian 'Do

I love, love, LOVE Anne Hathaway's side-swept waves at the premiere of her new film, 'Rio'. See her latest look here...
The midi length is bang on and the waves are gorgeously tousled but it's the cute braid through the top section that has really caught my eye. It looks as if she's plaited a thin white ribbon into a small section of hair. Such a great way to pretty-up a classic style. Sx

Fearne's Got Talons

So apparently when it comes to nails, Fearne Cotton can't make up her mind. In fact, this Twitter picture was even captioned with the word, 'indecisive'. Love the Smarties-inspired shades but not sure I could pull off 5 different colours. Sx

Friday, 25 March 2011

Launch Friday

Wowza. What a week it's been for fabulous launches. Yesterday began with a trip to Aveda to check out their relaunched makeup collection. Cram-packed with kind-to-the-skin ingedients, the range does not compromise on colour or pigment. The lipsticks are on my beauty hit list already! Full review to come soon!

Next was on to the PIXI store to check out the new Autumn/Winter collections...yes I know it sounds crazy to even be thinking about the run up to next Christmas but as a festive freak, I cannot grumble. Head makeup artist, Amanda Bell, was on hand to give touch-ups and talk us through the new products. I was actually astounded by the sheer volume of products PIXI sell. To give you a heads up, the new Christmas palette is amazing and very reasonable but my new favourite product has to be the PIXI Succulent Lip Twin, £12. The tube contains a gorgeous, sheeny balm to hydrate lips (apparently it works great on the cheeks too), while the cheek/lip tint roll-on in the cap means you can get your glow on anytime, anywhere. This is coming with me this weekend!

Then on to the Sanderson hotel for not one, but luckily for my poor feet, two beauty launches. Lipsy are planning to launch a makeup range for the run up to Christmas (there it is again) but sadly there were no samples to be found at the event (everso slightly annoying seeing as the beauty range was listed on the invitation).

Downstairs, I met skincare guru, Judith Williams to discuss her 3-part collection. I have to say I wasn't familiar with the line but apparently it's one of the best-selling brands on QVC. There are some gorgeous items in the range and considering it's a high end, luxury line, the price points are not bad at all! I can't wait to test out the products properly.

Finally I hit Bungalow 8 (yes I'm really that hip and no I'm not going to divulge the location on here) for the Schwarzkopf Got2b POWDER'ful launch. Rick Edwards was our host for the night (he's actually very funny I snorted at one point) and Sunday Girl, i.e the girl of the moment, cracked out some tunes in the DJ booth. Personal highlights included MGMT and Destiny's Child, 'Jumpin' Jumpin'...CHOOOOON! On to canape watch, and my didn't they do well? From little cheesy vegetable pastries to possibly the most amazing duck spring rolls I've ever tried, the snacks (and drinks) were flowing!

Schwarzkopf stylists flitted about the room to style people's hair with the new product and I've got to say I'm seriously impressed. As someone who likes her hair big, a product that not only soaks up grease but injects serious volume into the roots without feeling dry or crispy is a dream come true. Stay tuned for the full review. Sx

Natalie before
DID YOU KNOW? Rick Edwards has thirsty hair. No I didn't know either, but apparently that mop drinks up products like an Elrick on whisky.

Natalie after

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Britney Hair Appeal - Part IV

So the Britney Hair Appeal is really gathering steam, judging by this recently Tweeted picture. Sx 

How to...Nail Marbling

Topshop's own marbling
I've had a few friends ask me about the new nail marbling trend so I thought I would take one for the team and try it out. I'm not going to lie - it's not as easy as the finished article would suggest. It's messy, time-consuming and ends up using a fair bit of polish. Kindly Topshop have put together a little step by step guide in honour of their new Sandstorm collection. The brand suggest using their Sandstorm Nail Duos (as previewed in my post on the collection a couple of weeks ago) but they have already sold out! For my coral/gold look I used Topshop Nail Polish in No Love Lost, £5 ( and Orly Mini Nail Polish in Luxe, £5 ( Happy marbling! Sx

The bullseye
Step 1. Pick and choose your favourite colour combination. A mix of neon and metallic colours work perfectly together

Step 2. Apply one coat of white nail polish to act as a base for the coloured marble

Step 3. Pour a couple of drops of the first nail colour into a bowl of room temperature water

Step 4. Continue to add colours individually until you have created a bullseye effect

What a marbelous thumb!
Step 5. Swirl colours with a cuticle stick to create a unique pattern

Step 6. Dip the nail bed into the polish and allow the colour to settle

Step 7. Remove finger from the pool of polish and wipe around the outer edge of the nail to remove excess colour

My attempt

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Get Splashed!

Like my phones are to baths/toilets/thieves, I'm always drawn to new Marc Jacob's fragrance launches. A die-hard Daisy-wearer, I was introduced to his Splash collection a few years ago and fell in love with the Pear edition. There are many great things about the Splash scents, including the fact that they're unisex, but the most obvious is the sheer size of the bottle. At 300ml, this is a fragrance that is not only going to take you through to old age, but into the after life, if indeed it exists. But hey, let's not get bogged down in the existential because the new cocktail-inspired Splashes, or Splashi, are fun, frivolous and very flirty. Mulling over the Ginger and Curaco flavours, I opted for a spritz of the Cranberry Splash on this morning and my nose has been pressed firmly against my wrist ever since. For an EDT and a fragrance entitled 'Splash' it is surprisingly long-wearing and intense.

The fragrance opens with a zesty combination of tangerine and cranberry but it's not long at all before the musky, exotic wood base - and in my opinion, the selling point - kicks in. It's both fresh and sultry at once, and this is where its androgony comes into play. In fact, it kind of smells like my Dad. But before you run away in fear of smelling like a can of Lynx or Old Spice, smelling like your Dad, or rather wearing a man's scent is bang on trend. I've been wearing E's Korres manfume for a little while now. He doesn't know. Now I have my Cranberry Splash, though - all unusual, subversive and unexpectedly summery - I won't need to borrow from a boy. The new Marc Jacobs Splash Cocktail Collection, £48, goes on sale 24th April (0800 652 7661). Sx

Serious Hair Envy!

Follow this link and I wager that you, too, will feel a pang of enraged jealousy. Evan Rachel Wood doesn't often pop on to the beauty radar but when she does, her penchant for old-school glamour makes sure she scores everytime. It's at times like these when I wish I hadn't had my near waist-length locks chopped off in favour of a 'I need a change' shoulder-skimming bob. Boo hoo Sx

Hilary Duff Gets Bangs

Okay that title sounds rude but what I'm trying to say is Lizzie Maguire teeny-bopper, Hilary Duff, has just had a fringe cut in (forget Libya...this is breaking news people) and posted the pics on Twitter. I'm not totally enamoured to be honest, mostly because it seems like she's wearing two totally different cuts...a chic feathery, fringed style and a grungey layered root stretch. What do you think Best Tressers? Vote in this week's Tress Factor. Sx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rave Review...Miss Sporty's new topcoat

Sometimes I do wonder why I spend so long fussing over my nails before a big night out when more often than not they're completely concealed in the near-pitch-blackness of a club, bar or candle-lit restaurant. But with one quick slick of the new Miss Sporty Discotech Top Coat, £1.99 (Superdrug), you can guarantee your nails will be the centre of attention once again! Invisible by day, under UV lights the topcoat transforms into a rave-alicious glow. I've even surprised myself with how much I love this product - even E was transfixed (he can now be found wandering around the house playing with/wearing out the battery on the UV light torch). As you can see from the bottom picture, you will need to paint the top coat on carefully. It might go on see-through but every little mistake will show up under club lights.

To accompany the new topcoat comes three new Clubbing Shades, China Glaze (a bright turquoise), Grape Fit (a pinky lilac) and Tangerine Fatal (a zesty coral). The new shades and top coat go on sale from April, Sx

Tangerine Fatal shade in natural daylight

Glowing under a UV light

NEW! £1 Makeup Range, MUA, Expands!

The everything-for-£1 range MUA has just launched a selection of eyeliners and brow pencils to its catalogue of cheap-as-chips cosmetics. The liners are gorgeously soft and creamy, while the pigment is rich and vibrant. They come in both Intense Colour and Glitter finishes, plus, the built-in lid sharpener means they're a great addition to your handbag! I'm a bit of a brow pencil fiend and MUA's offering will be heading straight to my makeup kit. The brush grooms brows well and the pencil itself is easy to apply in feathery strokes. At the moment, it only comes in two brunette shades but I hope more will arrive soon for fairer folk.
Aside from the fact everything in the new collection is seriously impressive in terms of quality, texture and pigment, the budget price means you can dip in and out of trends without worrying about your bank balance. Sx
Eye pencils top to bottom: Intense Colour in Snow White, Intense Glitter in Pink Sparkle, Intense Glitter in Malt Chocolate, Intense Colour in Rich Brown

Coco Mademoiselle...The Film

There's not much I can add to this just-released mini film for Coco Mademoiselle except for two things. I wish I looked that in the morning and secondly, I can vouch that this very accurately depicts a day in the life of a Coco Mademoiselle-wearer. Just off to spritz and get on my scooter myself...Sx

Monday, 21 March 2011

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment is a Sell Out!

Regular Best Tressers will be well aware of my love of Lee Stafford's haircare range and now it seems the general public have jumped on that bandwagon in their droves. Between 5th February and 12th March, sales of the Lee Stafford HAiR GRowTH TREaTMENT, £7.14, exceeded 10,000 units and it has become Lee's best-selling product. In fact some Boots stores have now run out of stock and as a true testament to its gotta-have-it status, the miracle pots are selling on ebay for double the retail price.

Now call me crazy, call me cocky (no please don't) but I like to think that perhaps Best Tressed made a little tiny contribution to the recent sales figures. I awarded it the gong for best hair treatment in the first ever Best Tressed Beauty Awards at the end of January (read it here - after my hair grew half an inch within a month of starting the treatment, a month that included a trim! The conditioner contains a protein called Anelgine that stimulates the hair bulb cells to boost healthy hair growth. Simply apply an egg-sized amount after your shampoo, leave for 5 minutes, rinse and condition as normal. Well done Lee Sx
DID YOU KNOW? One tub of Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment sells every 60 seconds around the world.

The Me My Elos Hair Removal System

It's fair to say that I've tried a lot of hair removal methods in my time as a beauty journalist, even more in my time as a teenager. And as far as hair removal goes, I'm the worst sort of candidate: a very dark brunette, who hates any body hair. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those lucky people who can just leave their leg hair to its own near-bald devices (I hate you people), nor am I the type of laidback girl who is prepared to let her boyfriend see her legs as anything other than perfectly smooth. If I'm in between waxes, I exist in trousers/tights/thigh-high socks...sometimes all three.  Since secondary school I have tried shaving (grows back too quickly and stubbly), depilatory creams (never seem to get the hair completely), bleaching (stinky), exfoliating hair removal pads (completely useless), waxing (painful), epilating (even more painful), heat-based hand-held devices (if you've ever put your hair in a bunsen burner, this is what it smells like) and I've even tested laser (not as successful as people make out).

At the Me My Elos launch last week
I've had some really terrible hair removal experiences too. My first time shaving I ran my finger horizontally across the blade. I don't know what I was expecting but what I got was one seriously bloody finger. One bikini wax left me so bruised I couldn't wear a bikini, which ironically was the reason I went to get a bikini wax in the first place. Another time I decided to apply a wax strip to my upper lip. After removing it, I must have had some sort of bad reaction to the wax as I immediately broke out in a 'spot-moustache'. Epic fail. And I'm not alone. A dear friend of mine bought an epilator with a facial attachment. She decided to try it in between her eyebrows when the device effectively ate her face and left her with a bloody gouge. She told people she walked into a door. Obviously. Because, let's face it, hair removal is still an embrassing topic to discuss with your friends, let alone your boyfriend/husband (or blog). And if I'm totally honest, my somewhat prudish personality (even my mum says I was born in the wrong era. Yeah like the 1800s), still dies a little every time I have to undress from the waist-down, legs akimbo, for a bikini wax. What I want is to remove hair in the comfort of my own home, with little fuss or cost but with seriously long-lasting, even permanent results.

The presentation
Cue the new Me My Elos Hair Removal System, £449.99, which launches at Boots this May. Okay so it's not exactly cheap but when you consider how much you'd pay for in-salon laser hair removal, or even totted up how much you spend on a monthly leg and bikini wax, actually it doesn't work out that badly. Unlike other IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devices on the market, the Me My Elos uses a combination of IPL and Radio Frequency energy to penetrate deeper into the skin to better damage the hair follicle. The device is smaller than a lot of other at-home IPL and laser systems and here's the real USP, it's a lot quicker. Rather than having to aim and shoot a small section at a time, like other devices such as the Philips Lumea or the Tria Laser System, the Me My Elos glides over the skin, emitting a pulse every second or so. In fact you can cover the whole body (legs, bikini, arms and underarms) in just 30 minutes. The device runs on a replaceable cartridge, £39.99, which lasts for 5400 pulses or 3 full body treatments but the longer you persevere with the system, the less often you'll have to use it so you won't need to replace the cartridge as often. There's also the option to buy a facial kit for safe hair removal, an epilator, £39.99 (, and shaver attachment, £39.99 ( which easily click in to place.

Another selling point is the fact it can be used on a wider range of hair and skin colours. The device is safe for very fair white, fair white, cream white, brown (Mediterranean Caucasian skin) and dark brown (Middle Eastern) skin types. It cannot be used on black skin. If you have blonde, red or grey hair, this is where the epilator attachment comes in. By first pulling out the hair at the root, you create a microscopic wound that the IPL and RF energy can target to destroy the follicle. Very clever. But don't think you can wax or epilate the week, or even the night, before. The 'injury' must be fresh, hence the simultaneous combination of the epilator and IPL device. For those who are darker or can't bear the thought of epilating, the area should be shaved beforehand.

From left to right: The Me My Elos System versus the Philips Lumea
DID YOU KNOW? The Me My Elos has been found to reduce body hair by up to 89% after the first four treatments.
I used the device for the first time yesterday and can attest to its ease of use - I did my legs and underarms in about 20 minutes whilst simultaneously watching 'The Family'. I had it on the highest setting and can honestly say it did not hurt a jot (and I'm a wuss), but feels satisfyingly warm on the skin. However, the flash is very, very bright so I did have to avert my gaze for the first 5 minutes. The brightness is apparently safe for use but sunglasses would be a good idea. I did try the device with the epilator attachment on my arms but it only removed about half of the hairs. I would have needed to go over the same area at least twice to successfully remove them all, which you shouldn't really do with IPL device as it can irritate the skin. Obviously I can't say anything about the results yet. After the 4th treatment I will let you know but for the first time in a long time, I feel like permanent hair removal might just be a possiblity. And in the spirit of making everyone feel a little less alone when it comes to hair removal, why not share your own hair removal horror stories below. Sx