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Friday, 26 November 2010

Best Tressed Chistmas Gift Guide 5

I remember screaming when I received my first ever pair of ghd's. They were baby pink and much sleeker than my weapon-of-tress-torture predecessors. Since then, I've used nothing but ghd irons - whether I'm going for a chic and sleek look or bedhead waves, they're the only straighteners to get my thick, wavy locks looking good.

I might have been overjoyed with my pink, limited edition straighteners but opening this bundle of hair joy would have made my head explode. The beautifully-ornate Midnight Collection Deluxe Gift Set, £149 ( includes the new-and-improved Gold Classic Styler, with sleeker, smoother and most importantly, golden (!) plates that create a high-gloss result. The set also includes a heat resistant mat, styling clips, jewel-encrusted case, travel hair dryer and a Baroque-inspired mirror. Phew. It is expensive but remember this...ghds are for life, not just for Christmas. Sx

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