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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Body Shop Sham-poop

I took this new shampoo and conditioner with me on holiday. The new Rainforect Collections shampoo, £4, 250ml, has a silky, transparent formula, which lathers into a thick foam. The conditioner, £4, smells like a swimming pool - all clean and fresh - but has the consistency of PVA glue. In fact it seemed to 'glue' itself to the inside of the bottle, which made getting it out more of an exercise in banishing wattle. You would think that such a concentrated dose of conditioner would deliver a silky-soft, tangle-free result. Not so. My hair was left dull-looking and knotty...and I hate knots! As if this wasn't enough of a blow, the shampoo depositied a sticky, greasy residue on my roots. A problem that I've encountered each time I've used the Rainforest Collections, no matter how long I rinse for. Ironically, I used the Balance variety - so much for cleansing excess oil! Unimpressed. Sx

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