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Monday, 15 November 2010

Noise from the Boys II - Scent of a Wo/Man

You know that warm, smug feeling you get when you discover a brilliant new band that nobody else has heard of yet? Well I get the same feeling when it comes to the Saffron Amber Cardamom Eau de Toilette, by Greek skincare brand Korres, £24 50ml ( Ever since I found this little gem, the other man-musks I own haven't had much of a look in. However we must pause here to observe that this product is no ordinary gentleman's fragrance, it swings both ways if you will, it has its bread buttered on both sides if you catch my's unisex basically. Which is nice. Just like the skinny androgynous bass-player in that obscure new band you've discovered, this scent is a sexy enigma. A swift Google-check tells me that Korres focus on using natural extracts and essential oils in all of their products, the evidence here is put right on front-street with the refreshing absence of superflous titles like "Imaginate" or "WAFT for Men", it simply tells us what is in the bottle....mmm...minimum fuss. And what is in the bottle? (Brace positions for flamboyant-lyrical-descriptions), the scent is warm and subtle rather than spicy, as the key ingredients would suggest. It makes me think of a beloved leather jacket or dusky summer evenings. My favourite thing about this fragrance is that it is mysterious, there are subtleties here that you just don't get with other fragrances for men. Personally I'd much rather go out wearing this, smelling of intrigue and understatement, as opposed to the same designer man-fume that everbody else has on. This fragrance is that exciting new band you hear on the radio in the twilight hours, as opposed to bloody Westlife. E   

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