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Friday, 12 November 2010

Please donate to the Britney hair appeal

Across the globe, tens upon tens of people suffer at the hand of ratty hair extensions. Take Britney. She was once a girl with flowing, golden tresses (I lament the days of 'Sometimes'). But after a run-in with a pair of clippers one fateful night, Britney was forced to turn to extensions.

Take a look at her latest bird's nest here... Now, surely her nautral hair has reached a wearable length by now. I don't know who is styling B's 'hair' but it ain't good. Sometimes I like to imagine taking Britney under my wing. I'd take her extensions out, give her a nice little razored cut (think the 'Born to Make You Happy' era), and sort out a uniform of skinny jeans, lumberjack shirts and hoodies.

Sadly, Britney's case is all too common. So go on, pledge your support. Sx

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