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Monday, 22 November 2010

Rihanna...what a difference a week makes

Here I was banging on about my love for Ri-Ri's look, from those fierce nails to her delicately-curled, crimson tresses. But since then, she's made not one, but TWO beauty blunders. After last week's Avril Lavigne-straight extensions, the pop starlet debuted this hair horror at the American Music Awards...

I applaud her chameloen-like hair tendencies and she almost pulls off this style - I'll give her that - but this is not enough to excuse the poodle perm. I love the new toned-down, auburn hue though. Perhaps Cheryl Cole should take a colour cue from Rihanna. What do you think ladies? Do you like her corkscrew curls or prefer her hair poker-straight? Sx

1 comment:

  1. oh dear, not the best look I've seen Rihanna do, but if I had to choose between the perm and sleeky straight, I would probably choose the perm, the super straight hair really didn't suit looked so flat and fake. I wish she'd return to the good old days of 'disturbia' and 'rehab' :(