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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Scent from Bliss

You might have heard of, or luckier yet, tried spa brand Bliss. Well the brand have just launched their first scent, Bliss Eau de Toilette, £29 50ml ( How exciting!
The scent behind the, err, scent, permeates their worldwide spas. As the website says, 'It's our spa in a bottle.' So what of the fragrance? The bubble-like bottle - all airy and tranquil-looking - is immediately indicative of the light, fresh scent. However, on first spritz it's surprisingly heady, with an almost creamy, buttery air about it. Apparently, there are top notes of bergamot, dewy greens and cucumber. After a few minutes, you can really smell the floral mid notes of lily and ylang ylang. A violet base note completes the fragrance. It's this undertone that I really like. I kept coming back to my wrist for a whiff. It might be light but it lasts and lasts on the skin. Definitely a fragrance for those who favour lighter, fresher fragrances. Sx

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