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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Beauty Blunder of the Week

This girl is on a roll. First there was the turbo tan, then the bow-hair fiasco. And now, Cheryl's topped her recent list of beauty bombs with this tacky look for's new song, 'Check It Out'. This might be a beauty blog, but I must touch upon this shocker of an outfit. With a figure like that, you would think Chezza could pull off a bin bag and look good (mind you, those leggings have a certain refuse sack look about them). But unless you are a mum on the school run, there is simply no excuse for wearing leggings with a short top. Potential camel toes must be disguised under a long shirt or tee. And even though she sure is darn slim, dare I say it, this ensemble makes her look, well, bigger. Even my boyfriend, to whom Cheryl can do no wrong, admitted she looked a bit plumper (now before you get on your high horse about invoking eating disorders, we mean 'plumper' within the context of Cheryl's skinny-to-skinnier parameters).

The hair extensions are hideous. There's a definite correlation between length and trashiness. And that colour is refusing to improve upon me, especially in light of that clashing, radioactive tan. Bring back the 'Fight for this Love'-Cheryl. I miss her honey highlights. Sx

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  1. Cheryl is completely unnecessary for this song.....