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Monday, 22 November 2010

Beauty Q&A...

From Natalie: "I've been watching X Factor every week and I'm growing increasingly envious of those amazing lashes on a certain Geordie judge. They make my own look horrifying (what with them going in all directions/being odd lengths an' all). Just wondering what's the best way to apply false eyelashes quickly and easily? It usually takes me half an hour and they fall off 20 minutes later!! Need help! Thanks beauty guru :)

From Jane Bradley, makeup artist to Leona Lewis: "Before applying your lashes, make sure they are the right length and trim with scissors from the outer end if necessary. Now use the eyelash glue and apply a thin layer along the band. The key is to wait until it starts to go slightly transparent, this is when it will be at its stickiest. Now place a mirror on the table, look down and try to apply the lashes as close to the natural lash root as possible. When the glue has dried, use a little black eyeliner or eye shadow over the band to disguise it. I absolutely love the Girls With Attitude Eyelashes range."

Jane's top tip..."Take the lash between your thumb and your finger and bend into a ‘U’ shape several times to give the lash movement and flexibility."

Beauty writer verdict: I, too, always have trouble with false lashes so used Jane's method to apply the new Girls With Attitude Burlesque Beauty Dita Lashes, £5.50 Boots, (FYI, they're inspired by Aguilera's new film by the same name). Rather than having to apply the adhesive directly to the lashes, these came with a handy brush applicator. I would say, make sure you apply enough glue. As Jane said, if you do end up with any excess, just cover with black liquid liner. I applied these first thing this morning and after a day of DIY (yes I wear falsies to paint radiators and celings) they were still going strong. GWA lashes are my new night-out must-haves. Sx


  1. These look gorgeous on! They really suit your eye shape and with those tips above - I'll have to give these particular lashes a go.

    I usually wear the Madame Butterfly ones from Girls with Attitude ( will definitely have to try these now!

  2. aww thanks so much, exactly the look I wanted, I'll test the tips and let you know the result! :D