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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Try a Trend...Quiff

Not just useful for styling grown-out fringes, the quiff has come into its own of late. It's the style favoured by reigning X Factor fashion champion, Dannii Minogue, and punky pop starlet, Rihanna. Natalie's hair (see pics) might be short, but it's a look that can be achieved by any hair type, of any length.
Step 1. This style works best on day-old hair. If your hair is squeaky-clean, then Lee Stafford Day After Spray, £4.99 (Boots) will help give hair that 'lived-in' feel.
Step 2. Section the hair using a comb - going back from the forehead towards the crown, divide the hair into three sections. Clip the side thirds back, leaving the middle third loose.
Step 3. Starting at the crown, take a small section and begin to backcomb, from the middle of the hair down to the root. Using a paddle brush will do less damage to the hair shaft than a comb.
Step 4. Continue moving forward, a section at a time. Spritz each with hairspray (I love James Brown London Hairspray, £5.99). 
Step 5. Pull all the hair backwards and gently smooth over with your brush. Tease the hair into whatever size quiff you want and secure with kirby grips.
Step 6. Pull the side thirds back tightly and tie into a pony. A strong hold gel works well here to keep it looking sleek.

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