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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Mary Greenwell's New Perfume

I've been lucky enough to have met make-up artist, Mary Greenwell, a couple of times. The first was at a S/S launch for Elizabeth Arden, for whom Mary was an ambassador. The second encounter was rather more unfortunate. Again for Elizabeth Arden (the brand were showcasing a new foundation, if I remember rightly), the launch was taking place in the oh-so-glamorous townhouse at the Haymarket Hotel. During the 15 minute trek from NW magazine to the launch it began to, wait, was almost Apocolyptic. By the time I showed up to the townhouse, umbrella-less, I resembled a drowned rat. I was ushered in with great sympathy (I honestly looked repugnant) and the lovely Mary insisted I go upstairs immediately to blow dry my hair. The. Shame.
Anyways. Mary has just made her first foray into the world of scent, and by Jove, it's lovely. You might wonder why a professional makeup artist, sought after by the world's most glamourous beauties (Victoria Beckham and Gisele Bundchen are among her A-list clients) would launch a scent before, say, her own makeup range, a la Charlotte Tilbury's 'myface'. "Fragrance," Mary admits, "is always the last touch of magic to any look I create." So there you go.

Plum Eau De Parfum, £60 50ml (exclusive to House of Fraser) launched early last month but it was only last week that I was able to test it. It's a chic, enticing, unequivocally feminine chypre that has the makings of a future fragrance classic. Top notes of peach, lemon and, of course, plum are freshly sweet, while a heart of Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine and Rose Absolutes eases in. Finally, the musky base kicks in. Think Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber and White Musk. Mmmm.

And as a greatly-welcome bonus, the perfume boasts impressive staying power. I spritzed 'Plum' once on the back of my hand (I was already wearing perfume on my wrists) and could still smell it wafting over my own scent that evening. The lovely thing about 'Plum' is it seems to transcend age, status and style. I could see a Chanel-suited, 50-something wearing this with as much aplomb as a hareem-panted, aviator jacket-wearing 20 year old. This, ladies, is a truly special scent. Sx

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