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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Barry M's Magic Paint

I posted a story a couple of weeks ago on my favourite nail brands and their latest launches. Well the much-anticipated Barry M Nail Effects, £3.99 (, just arrived today and as you can see, the results are amazing (even E thought it looked cool). I applied two coats of Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green £2.99, then once dry, painted Nail Effects on top, as you would a top coat. It takes a couple of seconds for the colour to begin shrivelling up to achieve the cracked pattern. The paint is pretty gloopy and the quick-drying formula doesn't leave you much time to get an even coat on, but really, who cares? The more haphazard and 'undone' the look, the better I say. Not only does it allow the manicure-amateur (or 'maniteur' if you will) the chance to look somewhat dexterously-adept, but, as a much-welcome bonus, chips also appear less noticeable. I'm looking forward to trying different colour combos. I can't imagine going monotone again! Sx 

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