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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Another week, another hair dye

It's a tough job, isn't it? Last week I was sent a brand new colourant from defender against frizz, John Frieda. Launched last month, Precision Colour Foam, £9.99 (Boots) marks the first of a series of new foam hair colourants that are set to transform the world of at-home hair colouring. I often use at-home hair colourants to give my hair an instant update, but inevitably my bathroom bears the brunt of my latest colour whim, flecked with red, brown or black splashes. JF's foam innovation means you are always in control. In fact, the foam stays rigid and firmly glued to the hand even when flipped 180°.
Did you know? 13.6 million UK women colour their hair. And over half of the women colour their hair at home!

I know it shouldn't matter but I loved the fact that the typically gruesome latex gloves were matte black. In fact, the entire contents of the pack ran with this chic, monochromatic theme. As far as I can see, there is only one problem with John Frieda's Precision Colour Foam and that is the mixing stage. After pouring the colourant into the developer lotion, my first instinct was to shake vigorously. Luckily I had the instructions in front of me, which ordered me to gently tilt the bottle from side-to-side instead. Shaking, which I imagine could be all too easily done, could result in the colourant being unable to foam. So just to say again, DO NOT SHAKE!

The application process, however, is effottless- rather than having to precisely section the hair to ensure all-over, even coverage, the foam formula expands and seems to find every nook and root cranny of the hair. After massaging the foam through my hair with my fingertips, I piled my hair on top of my head and waited for 20 minutes. There was more than enough in one application to cover my thick, mid-length hair.

The colourant comes in 20 delectable shades - I applied 5R Medium Red Brown. The result is a gorgeous auburn hue, with mirror-like shine. I feel suitably autumnal now and truly spoiled by JF's colourant. It was as close to an indulgent, in-salon colour as a DIY dye is ever going to get. How can I use another colourant again? 9/10 Sx

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