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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Katie Waissel's New 'Do

At first I thought it was a wig. But quickly it dawned on me that Katie Waissel's trademark blonde curls had been lopped off in favour of a brunette pixie 'do. The reason? A well-placed source (I've always wanted to say that) told me this week that Katie's hair was in such poor condition from years of bleaching, it was starting to fall out. Most of the comments on twitter and facebook seem to be united in their disdain for the new style. As much as I envied Katie's bouncy, blonde curls, I must say I really do like this new cut.

Let us not forget, the crop is undoubtedly THE style of the season (think Emma Watson, Michelle Williams and Ginnifer Goodwin) and luckily, Katie's small features can carry off this elfin cut. On tonight's Xtra Factor, Katie divulged the reason behind her dramatic new cut. 'I just think that there's only so much I could've done with my hair. It was really badly damaged from before the show. That and I kind of just wanted a fresh start. And what girl doesn't want to cut and colour their hair?' Too right Katie. What do you think of Waissel's 'do? Vote in the new Tress Factor poll! Sx

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