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Friday, 29 October 2010

Try a Trend...Finger Wave

Call it the Mad Men effect. Call it the trend for all things retro. But the finger wave is most definitely the style du jour. Unlike last season's messy updos, this style does take some practice. Luckily for us, Darren Bain, Senior Stylist at HOB Salons and current London Hairdresser of the Year, has given us 5 easy-to-follow tips to get that Mad Men look.
Hob Salons
Super stylist, Darren Bain
"The finger wave has been a key style since the 1940’s," says Darren, "but as vintage continues to dominate our AW 10 trends, here are 5 steps to recreate your own forties 'do..."
1. "Begin with freshly washed hair. Be sure to remove any excess water and apply a small amount of Sebastian’s Gel Forte (£17.95 @ HOB Salons) from roots to ends for added hold and control.

2. Comb the hair through to ensure it is tangle free and place in your side parting.  Next, creating a ‘V’ with your index and middle finger, place your fingers horizontally on one side of the parting.  Bringing the two fingers slightly together you will see an arch form in the hair.  To maintain structure, insert small sectioning clips in place of the fingers and leave to set.
The 'V'
3. Continue this technique down each panel of hair until applied to the entire head.  Ensure the hair is always wet before styling so that it dries in position.

4. Leave the hair for thirty minutes to set.  If necessary, use a hairdryer to speed up the process but this must be on a low setting so the finger waves are not damaged and maintain their shape.
Sectioning clips, like these from Trevor Sorbie, £4.75 (, are essential
5. To complete the look, gently remove the clips from the hair.  Use your hands to smooth out any unwanted strays and manipulate the hair into a desired shape.  Finally, finish with Sebastian’s Shaper Fierce (£14.95 @ HOB Salons) to secure your vintage look."

HOB Salons: 60 Baker Street, London, W1U 7DE. 020 7935 5883.


  1. Whoop! So it's not done by curling the entire head with heated rollers! (youtube lies!!) Thank you for the answer S, and your lovely sister's demonstration too! xxx

  2. I've tried it with rollers too, and it never seems to work. Let me know how you get on! Sx