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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cleanser for your teeth?

I must confess, I felt slightly baffled (and oddly intrigued) when a 'tooth cleanser' landed on my desk a few weeks ago. Dawood & Tanner Tooth Cleanser, £3.99 (Boots), might sound a bit pretentious but there's science behind the premise. Rather than erode the enamel, the gel's kind-to-the-teeth pH formula means your gnashers are gently objective that is definitely noticeable during the cleansing process. For one, there's not a great deal of lather, and secondly, I didn't have to endure the 'burning' sensation of some other high street toothpastes. And still, my teeth felt lickably clean.
Now comes the flavours...not content with your standard mintiness (how dull), the range comes in 4 flavours, from the exotic Sicilian Lemon to the more traditional Garden Mint. I must confess the Brazilian Lime was just a little too bizarre for my simple palate, but having moved on to English Peppermint, I think I've found my toothpaste soulmate. Plus, a little birdie told us Tess Daly is already a fan!

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