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Friday, 15 October 2010

Get Loud!

I always feel a great sense of responsibility when writing about fragrance. Scent is completely subjective. One woman's 'Opium' is another woman's 'Vanderbilt'. So I urge you to take mine, and others', perfume reviews with a pinch of salt, and always test it for yourself first.

With this in mind, the new Tommy Hilfiger EDT LOUD for Her, from £19 (Boots), has just landed on my desk. Shaped like a vinyl record, the hot-pink bottle is the sort of scent you'd want to leave out on your dressing table. Even the packaging, which encases the bottle is hoard-worthy. 
In terms of scent, it's not something I would wear (please see above re: subjectivity). If you like fresh, florals though, you will love this. 'LOUD' starts off sweet, with top notes of lychee and rose, before the Patchouli base kicks in. I admire the fact that in a sea of androgynous fragrances (the new thing is to wear your man's fragrance), 'LOUD' is refreshingly, unequivocally girly.
It might be light and floral, but there's no pay off with its staying power - I'm a few hours in and the fragrance shows no signs of fading. In my opinion, 'LOUD' is a younger scent. I imagine both my sisters (ages 19 and 21) would love to wear this. Plus, from just £19, it would make a lovely Christmas present. Sx

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