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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Madonna's Must-Have Candle

I love a good diva demand. Mariah Carey allegedly insists upon a chauffeur for her dog, while ginger beer is the only request of Alesha Dixon's modest rider. And according to my sources, the Queen of Pop will only burn Votivo’s Red Currant Candle, £34 ( backstage.

Votivo Candle in Icy Blue Pine, £34
So Christmas has (literally) come early for me this week as the Votivo Winter Solstice Candle from the Holiday Collection landed on my doorstep. I love candles (a trait I've inherited from my mum), and I'm lucky enough to be sent more than I know what to do with. What elevates Votivo in a saturated aromatic candle market though is their amazingly potent scents.

Launched in 1994, American brand, Votivo, specialise in hand-crafted, hand-blown, hand-wrapped (so beautiful it doesn't deserve to be opened) candles. Winter Solstice's royal blue and silver box, with its official-looking pewter seal, is the first glimpse into the sleek aesthetics of the candle, which itself is encased in a mirror-like silver glass. I must confess this was not a fragrance I would normally choose. For Christmas, I usually opt for warming, cinnamon scents - this was definitely more of an outdoorsy festive fragrance, with an almost soapy, fresh pine aroma. I let the candle burn for 5 hours last night - the scent didn't waver at all, in fact it seemed to spread into every nook and cranny of the room. And amazingly, once extinguished, those 5 hours had barely made a dent in the wax, so I can well believe the 50 hour burn time.
Votivo Travel Tin Stocking Filler Candle in the best-selling Red Currant
I can't deny £34 is a lot to spend on a candle, but you could easily pay that amount replacing lesser quality candles to match those 50 hours. And what cheaper candles will never compete with is the potent fragrance. At £12, Votivo's Travel Tin Stocking Fillers, £12, are a great compromise. They burn for 25 hours and the replaceable lid means they're super-portable. Sx

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