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Thursday, 14 October 2010

One Green Bottle Hanging on the Wall...

I've just been sent a new natural skin and body range, developed by holistic therapist and aromatherapy expert, Dinah Cox. Cram-packed with essential oils derived from plants, it's a range that not only feels good to use (think of all those skin-soothing, body-boosting vitamins and minerals) but looks good too!
Unsurprisingly, the Citrus Refining Lotion, £14 ( has got that lovely, fresh, aromatherapy-sort of scent. The website labels this as 'nature's miracle water' so I had high hopes. There's no easy pouring mechanism, so take care in applying the lotion to a cotton pad. Sweep across the face, et voila, skin is thoroughly cleansed, toned and refreshed. It is labelled as a cleanser/toner/skin-refresher, but I wouldn't rely on it to remove a full-night's makeup. I had already cleansed my skin, so used this as a toner. The cotton pad picked up remnants of makeup my cleanser had missed (hoorah), and my skin certainly looked more refined from the get-go. Perfect for green goddesses!

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