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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Step-by-Step Smokey Eye Kit

One of the questions I get asked the most is how to get the perfect smokey eye. As a brown-eyed brunette, I tend to go heavy on the charcoal shadow but for others, the contrast between a paler, metallic shade on the inner corner and a darker, more intense shade on the outer wing is crucial to that smouldering, smokey look. But, I may hear you ask, "what colours go where?"..."What sort of brush should I use for blending?" Well my little Best Tressers, Models Own have literally made it as easy as 1, 2, 3 with their new Smokey Eye Kit, £8 (Boots). The palette comes in 6 different colour combos (FYI, I used Simmer for my trial below), each with an easy-to-follow guide, and angled and blending brushes. 



There are actually 6 steps in the booklet, but I've compressed them into 3, with corresponding images to illustrate the look. The instructions were succinct and easy to follow, and as for the eyeshadows themselves, well the pigment is suitable dense for a smokey finish. This palette is such a great idea, especially for those are are nervy with makeup brushes and single pots of shadow. This way you know exactly which shades compliment each other, what colours goes where, and which brushes are best to use. A great makeup bag staple. Sx

Step 1

Use your finger to press the lightest shade from the lashline to the brow bone.

Step 2
Next, use the angled brush and the medium shade to make a sideway 'U' shape along the crease and upper lashline (the diagram in the booklet makes this easy to understand, trust me!). Blend with the blending brush or your finger and add more of the lightest shade to the middle of your lid if needed. 

Step 3
Finally, use the angled brush again, this time with the darkest shade to draw a line along the upper and lower lashline, along the crease and on the outside corner of the eye. Then blend using the brush and finish with liquid liner and mascara. 

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