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Friday, 8 October 2010

The Breathe-Easy Scrub

I am a huge supporter of facial scrubs. Not the ones that just seem to 'tickle' your skin, but the granular buffers that you can literally feel sloughing off those dead skin cells. A weekly exfoliation is ample (more than that can actually have an adverse effect, especially for those with older, thinner skin) and helps to boost cell renewal to leave skin fresh, glowy and more even-toned.
I was slightly worried about the 'menthol' aspect of Dr Nick Lowe's brand new Cooling Menthol Facial Scrub, £10.99 (Boots) and although my eyes did water slightly, it really wasn't the Vicks-trip I thought it would be. The beads were satisfyingly abrasive, without feeling too harsh. I massaged the scrub in small circular motions for about a minute and rinsed. My skin certainly feels softer but I can't say it looked any brighter or smoother. The texture is so on-the-money though that I'm happy to continue using it to see if my complexion improves. Sx

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