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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Review...Sienna Spray Tan

Bad tan no.1
My relationship with the spray tan has been somewhat off and on again. Being bronzed for the first time before my Year 13 ball, was like being in the first flush of love. I'd never been so golden; my face looked 'done' with no makeup on; I looked well. Now, I look back at pictures and think, 'what the tan-hell was I thinking?' Stood next to my vampire-chic, pale-skinned boyfriend, the words 'milky, milky, coco-puff' spring to mind.

Bad tan no.2

A couple of years ago, I was invited to try another brand of spray tan. After having my tan-heart broken before, I was apprehensive about trying it again. Stupidly on my part, I had also lightened my hair that day with beachy highlights so the combination of newly-golden hair and an equally golden tan made me look rather monotone. I remember thinking how dirty my hands looked with this tan, too. Not a good look.

My faith in bronze-love well and truly quashed, I thought I'd never go back to a life of faux golden skin. Until last week when I was kindly asked to try another spray tan by bronzing experts, Sienna X. I was left in the pro hands of Sophie Gordon, Sienna X Spray Tan Expert, who studied my natural hair colouring and skin tone first. She also asked me what sort of colour I wanted to go for (a first in my tanning history), to which I answered, 'a natural, just-been-away look.' Encouragingly, Sophie chose to go with the second lightest colour as it was my first time using Sienna X. The process was quick and painless. Sophie explained that loose clothing would help keep the tan nice and even and I had to wait between 8 and 10 hours before showering. The guide colour (the initial shade) though a little dark at first, faded into a gorgeous honey bronze after showering. With the help of the non-tan-stripping Sienna Exotically Rich Face & Body Wash and Exceptional Raidance Moisturising Balm, my tan is still there but crucially, is fading evenly. My faith in the spray tan has been well and truly restored. Sx

Sophie's Tan Tips!

• Your face and hands will be the first to fade as you wash these more often, use the express yourself tanning mist to touch up

• If you have fair skin, try opting for a second application within 3 days to lengthen and deepen the tan

• When going for a spray tan, try to make sure you are wearing nail varnish before the treatment to avoid the DHA staining your natural nail colour

• The skin on your hands is different to the rest of your body so tend to look darker. Apply tan sparingly to the hands and face. You can always add more but you can't go back once you've applied too much.

• Spray Tanning works best on skin that is not freshly shaven, if you can, leave shaving/waxing your legs until a couple of days after you have been tanned. This will enable pores to close fully before the lotion is applied.

• If you’re having a spray tan you can moisturise on the day before, but not on the day of the tan as it creates a barrier between skin and tanning solution.

• Nothing is more aging than a dark matte tan, so opt for a shade of tan only two shades darker than your own skin tone for a youthful glowing complexion.

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