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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Noise from the Boys...

Okay, if you are a boy, send her out of the room for this is the gentlemanly section of this here girl-blog. If you are a girl, read on nonetheless, it's all good. So, a good shave is, in many ways (mostly for the purposes of this article) like a good glass of wine. You want clarity, refreshment and of course a smooth finish. Nivea's Arctic Freeze Wash & Shave Gel, £4.25 (Boots) delivers all of these key requirements in spades. Unlike a foam, it goes on clear so you can see exactly what you're doing when sculpting an impressive 'tasche, getting that all important sharp edge on your manly sideburns or any other delicate stubble-topiary you need to get done. Minty freshness wasn't something I'd previously associated with shaving but Arctic Freeze turns out to be genuinely refreshing without any XXX strong-mint burn. From application to the final rinse, it's a nice, gentle way to wake up your face. Finally, and I feel, most impressively, even using my tired old Mach 3, which currently needs a birthday by way of a new blade, this gel yielded the closest shave I've had in ages without spending ages chasing after the bits I missed on the first pass. So there you go, give it a try, but maybe wait until you put the razor down to have that glass of wine. Bye. E 

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