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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dove Love

According to Dove, more than 60% of UK women suffer from damaged hair. Unsurprising, when you consider our can't-live-without-it-need for hairdryers and straightening irons (how else do we perfect this season's va-va-voom volume?). In fact, their survey also revealed 23% of UK women blow-dry their hair at least once a week, while a whopping 57% have coloured or highighted hair. 
Cue the new Dove Hair Damage Therapy Intensive Repair range, which works in two ways; first it helps protect against external damage by delivering nourishing ingredients directly onto the hair. Secondly, Fibre Actives actually help to restructure the proteins within the hair shaft for stronger, healthier tresses. 

I used the Intensive Repair Express Therapy Conditioner, £3.29 (nationwide). It's got a lovely, thick texture that you can almost feel re-building your hair. After a couple of minutes, I rinsed thoroughly (some deep conditioners have a tendency to leave hair lank). My usually knotted, coarse hair was left (almost) tangle-free and smooth...I didn't even feel guilty about blow-drying my hair! Thank you Dove! Sx

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