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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Keira Gets the Chop

According to a recent survey, the average woman will change her hairstyle 100 times in a lifetime (surely I've exceeded this already?). Having sported every style under the sun, from an elfin crop to waist-length extensions, from bleached blonde to jet-black tresses, Keira Knightley is no exception. For the last year or so, the British beauty has worn her hair in a relaxed, mid-length 'do, with a full fringe. But this week, we spotted Keira with a brand new chin-skimming bob. I've got to say, it's not my favourite Keira style. In fact, it wouldn't look out of place on my Mum. Perhaps it would be better worn with her natural, wavy texture...See it for yourself here (courtesy of

What do we think ladies? Is it a hit or a miss? Sx


  1. She weirdly looks like Leighton Meester in this pic, her face not the hair obviously. I actually like this look on her though. Definite hit from me...maybe I should try the bob at some point soon, although you do need to have the right face shape for this don't you?

    Oh yes and I have definitely changed my hair at least three time in three months! I've probably exceeded 100 styles already and there are certainly a few hundred more in the pipeline!

  2. Yes I see the Leighton thing. She wore the style wavy a couple of days later (she must be following my blog) and it did look better!
    Erm yeah you're rocking out the styles missy. What will you be debuting next? Sx