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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Amber Le Bon Rocks a Bouffant at the Umberto Giannini Catwalk

Next stop on last night's launchathon was the Umberto Giannini catwalk. And the C-list glitterati were out in force. First spot was Calum Best. Here he is below in the background making a cheeky phonecall.
After a couple of glasses of champagne, we all filtered through to the catwalk, 'stars' on the front row, of course! The monochromatic room was lined with rows of perspex chairs (I need), while a suitably-coiffed DJ played brooding tunes. As the guests sat, I spotted super stylist, Errol Douglas, WAG Lizzie Cundy and model, Sophie Anderton (yes she really is that thin in real life). Surprise celeb spot of the night was X-Factor choreographer Brian Friedman (more on that later).
WAG Lizzie Cundy
Errol Douglas
Calum Best and Brian Friedman

Sophie Anderton
It seems back-combing was the technique of choice backstage as a procession of super-coiffed models strutted along the catwalk. If you want to achieve a similar look at home, start by applying Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb in a Bottle, £5.49 ( to dry roots. Instead of backcombing with a wire brush or comb, try using a brush instead. A paddle brush will provide the same effect, without damaging the hair as much.
My show highlights included the va-va-voom tucked-under bob (above) and subtle crimp, both of which could be super-wearable. Less wearable (but artistically incredible), however, was the below. It reminded me of an extra-terrestrial Princess Leia.
I adored the knee-skimming extensions. Definitely a look that could be achieved with some extra-long, good quality clip-ins.
The gorgeous Amber Le-Bon (far left below) opened and closed the show with a super-charged bouffant-come-beehive.
If this show is anything to go by, then volume is set to be the big trend of the season. So dust off your diffuser, dig out your crimping irons and practice that back-brushing. Sx 

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