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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rave Review...Miss Sporty's new topcoat

Sometimes I do wonder why I spend so long fussing over my nails before a big night out when more often than not they're completely concealed in the near-pitch-blackness of a club, bar or candle-lit restaurant. But with one quick slick of the new Miss Sporty Discotech Top Coat, £1.99 (Superdrug), you can guarantee your nails will be the centre of attention once again! Invisible by day, under UV lights the topcoat transforms into a rave-alicious glow. I've even surprised myself with how much I love this product - even E was transfixed (he can now be found wandering around the house playing with/wearing out the battery on the UV light torch). As you can see from the bottom picture, you will need to paint the top coat on carefully. It might go on see-through but every little mistake will show up under club lights.

To accompany the new topcoat comes three new Clubbing Shades, China Glaze (a bright turquoise), Grape Fit (a pinky lilac) and Tangerine Fatal (a zesty coral). The new shades and top coat go on sale from April, Sx

Tangerine Fatal shade in natural daylight

Glowing under a UV light


  1. That topcoat is so nice, I already use that for my nail and for me its awesome

  2. It's brilliant, isn't it? Sx

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