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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

NEW! £1 Makeup Range, MUA, Expands!

The everything-for-£1 range MUA has just launched a selection of eyeliners and brow pencils to its catalogue of cheap-as-chips cosmetics. The liners are gorgeously soft and creamy, while the pigment is rich and vibrant. They come in both Intense Colour and Glitter finishes, plus, the built-in lid sharpener means they're a great addition to your handbag! I'm a bit of a brow pencil fiend and MUA's offering will be heading straight to my makeup kit. The brush grooms brows well and the pencil itself is easy to apply in feathery strokes. At the moment, it only comes in two brunette shades but I hope more will arrive soon for fairer folk.
Aside from the fact everything in the new collection is seriously impressive in terms of quality, texture and pigment, the budget price means you can dip in and out of trends without worrying about your bank balance. Sx
Eye pencils top to bottom: Intense Colour in Snow White, Intense Glitter in Pink Sparkle, Intense Glitter in Malt Chocolate, Intense Colour in Rich Brown

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