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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Launch Wednesday

Seeing as my launches were yesterday, I thought I'd go crazy and make 'Launch Friday' 'Launch Wednesday' this week. First of all, I had a meeting with the lovely Camilla from Halpern. She took me through some amazing new launches, including a new in-salon cosmetics range, called Mii (full review to come soon), the new Orly minis (to-die-for!) and a couple of new launches from Avon.

Next, I dashed to the St Martin's Lane Hotel for the launch of a new at-home IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal device. As a bit of a beauty geek, I was kind of starstruck to meet Dr Shimon Eckhouse, the man who invented IPL. The event was packed - a testament to women's unwavering search for the Holy Grail of hair removal - and the presentation was one of the most detailed I've sat through in a long time. On canape watch, we were treated to a delicious mix of Asian-inspired delights, from duck wraps to vegetable samosas. The Me My Elos Hair Removal System uses new technology so that all hair, even blonde, can be zapped. I'm going to try out the device this week and I may even be brave enough to put up a video! Eek. Sx


  1. i DESPERATELY need one of these! how much is this little gem?

  2. £449.99. Steep but I'm hoping totally worth it! Sx

  3. just seen the latest post on it. i better forget the boots smooth skin and get saving! x

  4. I'll be posting the results after my 4th treatment so in about 6 weeks so then you can decide if you want to buy doll Sx