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Monday, 21 March 2011

NEW! MeMeMe gets a makeover

Top to bottom: Delicate, Enigmatic, Defiant, Distinctive, Delicate again
MeMeMe is one of those brands that quietly sits on the beauty aisles, bringing out new products without a hint of fuss or drama. To put it simply, it just gets on with it. I have a feeling though that their new mid season nail shades are about to put the brand firmly on the makeup map. Some may say that the new collection is hardly spring-like, rather, it veers on the side of Gothic. But aside from the fact I enjoy wearing darker nail shades all year round, I actually think the woody, nymph-like colours do say 'Spring' but in a much cooler, much more sophisticated way.

MeMeMe's entire nail collection
 The formulas are long-wearing, quick-drying and just the right consistency. The maxi brush is almost as wide as the little finger nail bed so 1-2 sweeps is all you'll need for the rest of the nails. The colours are super-wearable, not to mention lust-worthy, and the high gloss finish makes nails appear strong and healthy. The photo above is not the clearest I'm afraid but the four colours include a deep woody green (Defiant), a soft mauve (Delicate), a steel grey (Enigmatic) and a yellow-toned beige (Distinctive). The new MeMeMe Nail Collection, £4.50 each, is available now at Superdrug. Keep up the good work MeMeMe, Sx

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