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Friday, 11 March 2011

This scent is bananas...

The ad campaign
B.A.N.A.N.A.S...Like Gwen Stefani's frankly bonkers lyrics, her latest scent incarnation shouldn't work for adults, but it just does! The Harajuku Lovers fragrance line is renowned for its cute-as-a-button, doll-like bottles, and the latest limited edition summer scent is no exception. This time 'G' is a mermaid, a bottle befitting of the light, refreshing fragrance. 
The bottle
'G of the Sea', £20 ( is described on the press release as, 'a fresh aquatic fragrance with a dry down of sun-drenched woods'. Pretty bang on, I'd say. It's immediately summery, with top notes of apple, berries and water lily. The pleasure, for me, comes from the floral heart of freesia, pink peony and jasmine. It's the sort of fragrance that you wish naturally emanated from your skin - all fresh and clean-smelling. Inevitably though, with such a light fragrance, don't expect serious longevity. I spritzed the scent on my wrists at about 9am this morning and I can just about make it out now, 6 hours later. The new fragrances goes on sale 3rd April and would make a gorgeous present - cute enough to suit a teen, kitch enough to please an adult! Sx
The packaging with the oh-so-cute mermaid USB for journos only

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