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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Noise from the Boys IV: My Shavior

It can be confusing being a man today. The notion of masculinity has become a bit abstract and elusive. It's not like the old days when being a man was all about being able to lift massive rocks and kill wild animals with your bare hands and to a lesser extent, fixing cars and wearing Brut. Now manliness has gone all over the shop - there are still those who own ride-on lawnmowers and can do woodwork, but at the other end of the scale there is the man who goes for spray-tans and always smells amazing. The truth is that many of us have elements of both of these man-types in us in various ratios. Most of us own tools as well as grooming products. What I'm driving towards here in a longwinded fashion is that the Remington Stubble Kit, £39.99, bridges this gap, it is both tool and grooming product.

I can say without doubt that growing and caring for a beard is the manliest thing I can think of doing and this little baby opens you up to a world of stubbly possibilities. The adjustable micro-comb attachment allows you to choose and maintain your favourite beard length forever if you want, which I do. Don't want a full-beard? No problem, the T-Blade trimmer makes sculpting sideburns, chinstrap beards or even the hallowed Beppe-from-Eastenders goatee both quick and easy. Bored of some or all of your beard? Fear not, the Remington Stubble Kit also comes with a Foil Shaver attachment which can smooth you out again in moments so you can start you beard again from scratch. They're all comfortable to use too. It looks sleek like a gentleman's accessory should but works efficiently, feels hefty when in use and does what it says on the tin like any trusty tool. It's easy to use, lightweight and you can even recharge it from your laptop with a USB cable, mental!

Allow me to conclude with a nugget of manly wisdom, like my Grandad used to say, "Always use the right tool for the job." If the job is making the most of your facial hair and feeling less confused then go for the Remington Stubble kit. E

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