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Friday, 4 March 2011

The future of sunscreen

As previously mentioned, last week I attended the launch of the new Piz Buin In Sun Ultra Light Sun Spray.  The new sprays are rolling out into stores as we speak and come in SPF 15 (£14.29), SPF 30 (£15.31) and SPF 50+ (£16.33). The premise behind the new launch is simple...women do not like the sticky, tacky feeling of traditional sun creams. I am one of these women. My last two summer holidays have been tainted by greasy, sand-attracting sunscreens. One brand's face cream left my skin looking so greasy it appeared wet, caused a stinging sensation and even left my eyes streaming. While my sunscreen grumbles are irksome, they would in no way deter me from protecting my skin from the damaging, ageing effects of the sun. But shockingly for over a third of women, it would. 

According to a survey of 1000 'style savvy' women conducted by the brand, 38% admitted the white finish of sunscreens put them off using a factor above 30. Shocking, I know, but for most women (heck, surely all women?) looking good on the beach is a priority. In fact, 34% of women said the combination of looking great and keeping skin protected and well-moisturised made them feel confident in the sun. Thankfully for the 38% of women (and I wager a lot more who didn't take part in the survey!) who refuse higher protection because of wearability, or lack thereof, Piz Buin has launched a lighter, non-greasy, easily-absorbing sunscreen. Here comes the science...the cream contains a hydrating cocktail of glycerine and butylene glychol (basically, it's really moisturising), it has UVA and UVB filters (it protects against the rays responsible for both burning and ageing) and contains antioxidant FeverFew to defend against the ageing effects of the sun. 

With all this rain (I think today is the first remotely Spring-like day in a long time) I haven't been able to test the new product's sun-protecting capabilities, and no, there's no sand to be found in Aylesbury, sure, but having worn the SPF 30 on my skin around the house I cannot wait to take the Ultra Light Sun Spray on holiday. Let's start with aesthetics...the brand have chosen a pump spray distributor, a good call I feel. The pump itself is easy to press so even when your hands are covered in sunscreen/sand/seawater/Cosmopolitans, spritzing should be easy. The fragrance is really rather lovely - you get a slight hint of that typical SPF smell but mostly it hits you with a warm, fragrant scent. The spray goes on white but blends in to the skin effortlessly, without a hint of chalkiness. What I hate most about the sunscreens that I've used is the post-application flakiness, of which this showed no sign, phew! No matter how hard I rubbed, this refused to budge. There's no visual sign of greasiness. In fact, this made my skin look much better after sunscreen application - all glowy and healthy-looking. Best of all, this product does not feel remotely greasy or sticky and I can't imagine sand will cling to it. It does feel like you're wearing something on the skin but in a more moisturising kind of way. A definite 10/10! Sx

I generously applied the SPF 30

Rubbing in effortlessly

The finish - skin looks glowy, not greasy

Don't take my word for it...Trials found that 95% of women attested to the product's long-lasting hydration and non-gready, easily-absorbed formula. 

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