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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Hilary Duff Gets Bangs

Okay that title sounds rude but what I'm trying to say is Lizzie Maguire teeny-bopper, Hilary Duff, has just had a fringe cut in (forget Libya...this is breaking news people) and posted the pics on Twitter. I'm not totally enamoured to be honest, mostly because it seems like she's wearing two totally different cuts...a chic feathery, fringed style and a grungey layered root stretch. What do you think Best Tressers? Vote in this week's Tress Factor. Sx


  1. I prefer blonde on her (and... she's not a teen hell she's married!!) but I think she looks beautiful in the pics I found. Gotta remember this is a twitter phone pic. Looks great here

  2. She definitely looks better in those pictures but I'm still firmly on team blonde. She was a teen during Lizzie Maguire though Sx