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Friday, 25 March 2011

Launch Friday

Wowza. What a week it's been for fabulous launches. Yesterday began with a trip to Aveda to check out their relaunched makeup collection. Cram-packed with kind-to-the-skin ingedients, the range does not compromise on colour or pigment. The lipsticks are on my beauty hit list already! Full review to come soon!

Next was on to the PIXI store to check out the new Autumn/Winter collections...yes I know it sounds crazy to even be thinking about the run up to next Christmas but as a festive freak, I cannot grumble. Head makeup artist, Amanda Bell, was on hand to give touch-ups and talk us through the new products. I was actually astounded by the sheer volume of products PIXI sell. To give you a heads up, the new Christmas palette is amazing and very reasonable but my new favourite product has to be the PIXI Succulent Lip Twin, £12. The tube contains a gorgeous, sheeny balm to hydrate lips (apparently it works great on the cheeks too), while the cheek/lip tint roll-on in the cap means you can get your glow on anytime, anywhere. This is coming with me this weekend!

Then on to the Sanderson hotel for not one, but luckily for my poor feet, two beauty launches. Lipsy are planning to launch a makeup range for the run up to Christmas (there it is again) but sadly there were no samples to be found at the event (everso slightly annoying seeing as the beauty range was listed on the invitation).

Downstairs, I met skincare guru, Judith Williams to discuss her 3-part collection. I have to say I wasn't familiar with the line but apparently it's one of the best-selling brands on QVC. There are some gorgeous items in the range and considering it's a high end, luxury line, the price points are not bad at all! I can't wait to test out the products properly.

Finally I hit Bungalow 8 (yes I'm really that hip and no I'm not going to divulge the location on here) for the Schwarzkopf Got2b POWDER'ful launch. Rick Edwards was our host for the night (he's actually very funny I snorted at one point) and Sunday Girl, i.e the girl of the moment, cracked out some tunes in the DJ booth. Personal highlights included MGMT and Destiny's Child, 'Jumpin' Jumpin'...CHOOOOON! On to canape watch, and my didn't they do well? From little cheesy vegetable pastries to possibly the most amazing duck spring rolls I've ever tried, the snacks (and drinks) were flowing!

Schwarzkopf stylists flitted about the room to style people's hair with the new product and I've got to say I'm seriously impressed. As someone who likes her hair big, a product that not only soaks up grease but injects serious volume into the roots without feeling dry or crispy is a dream come true. Stay tuned for the full review. Sx

Natalie before
DID YOU KNOW? Rick Edwards has thirsty hair. No I didn't know either, but apparently that mop drinks up products like an Elrick on whisky.

Natalie after

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