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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Beauty Corner with ex-Flight Sergeant, now Next Generation Access Mobile Engineer, Stephen Maylor

Another pearl of wisdom from my Dad. This time, he discusses a quick and easy remedy (or rather, inhibitor) for cold sores.

"I am afraid I suffer from Herpes! It didn’t sound quite so bad in my earlier years when I only suffered from cold sores - I don’t know whether that is progress or not. Now, those of us who suffer from them know they are unsightly, feel massive and as the original name implied are very sore, especially if you forget you have one and smile or stretch your lips. I don’t normally rate the cold sore treatments, but when I get one I usually just dab some aftershave on it. It can be sore but usually seems to minimise the time I suffer. Anyway this last fortnight I started to feel the lip tingle that is the usual harbinger of cold sore-arrival.  I was in my bedroom, saw some aftershave and quick-as-a-flash dabbed away. Now I don’t normally dab until the blisters appear but this time I just went for it! Lo and behold for the first time in my memory (bear in mind I am middle-aged and suffer some memory loss) the offending cold sore did not appear. Obviously it may have been a coincidence, or a false positive but I know that from now on if I get the tickle I am going for dabage - sort of, ‘Reduce the damage and do the dabage.’  I also don’t know if the particular aftershave made the difference but my first choice from now on will be ‘I Am King’ by Sean Jean."

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