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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

How to...Apply a Foam Hair Colourant

Foam colourants are big news. In fact, this less fuss, less messy method is taking the hair colourant market by storm, casting an old fashioned shadow over liquid varieties. Having used (and loved) John Frieda's foam offering, I wanted to put Clairol's Nice 'n' Easy Colour Blend Foam, £6.99 (nationwide) to the test.

When it comes to mixing, colour foams are tricky customers - usually the colourants actually lose the ability to mix and foam when shaken. Take John Frieda Precision Foam, which needs to be tilted from side to side, rather than shaken, to be mixed. Clairol though, have cleverly recognised women's instinct to shake hair colourant so have designed the formula to react well to vigorous movement.

It just so happens that the brand sent me a box full of goodies to equip me for my colouring experience, i.e. a mannequin head, clips, comb, towel and, of course, the Colour Blend Foam in Light Brown. Check out the video below for a brief 'how to' on mixing and applying. Apologies for the stuttering, I'm not good with cameras.

DID YOU KNOW? According to a Clairol survey, 88% of women questioned wanted a colouring routine that is simple.

Overall, I found Colour Blend Foam to be simple, straightforward and fuss free - exactly what I want from an at-home hair colour experience. I might have been using a mannequin for this video (there's no way I'm putting a video up of myself with hairline stains and wet hair) but next time my hair needs a colour, I'll definitely opt for Clairol's foam dye. Sx

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