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Friday, 22 July 2011

Eye Rock

Last night I attended the launch of Eye Rock at the Swarovski Crystallised lounge. The new range partners Nail Rock, a range of long-lasting, hard-wearing nail wraps in a range of to-die-for patterns. Regular Best Tressers might remember I trialled the leopard print wraps a few months ago but if not you can read the review here

Eye Rock
Eye Rock allow you to create gorgeous patterns around the eye area with Swarovski crystals, no less. The crystals come on a clear sheet of plastic, which is then pressed firmly against clean, dry skin for 10 seconds before peeling off. Some crystals may stick to the plastic backing but they can be applied separately with tweezers.

I was lucky enough to have mine applied by the lovely Michael Ashton, celebrity makeup artist but apparently they're pretty easy to apply yourself. The press release says that with good care, the crystals can last for a few days and I have to vouch for that. I went to sleep with mine and when I woke up this morning, I expected to find crystals dotted over my face and hair. Not the case. Each crystal was perfectly placed and showed no signs of peeling off. Unfortunately I had to walk my sister's dog and I don't think an eye full of Swarovski crystals would go down to well on our estate but I can happily say they were quick to remove and left no marks or residue on the skin.

Swarovski will also be blinging up Nail Rock with a jewel encrusted pattern. As with all Nail Rock wraps, the nail must be clean, filed and buffed to remove shine. Select the wrap nearest your nail size - you can always trim beforehand if it's too big - place at the bottom of your nail and press firmly. File off the excess and then it's time to apply the crystals. The crystals come in strips so depending on which nail you'd like to apply the jewels to, measure to match the nail then trim. Remove the backing sheet and press the strip down on the nail.
Eye Rock is priced between £20 and £24. Nail Rock is priced at £20. Both are available at and from end of July/August Sx

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