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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Nicole Richie's High Street Beauty Secret

The star herself admitted to using Dove Beauty Cream Bar as a cleanser in this week's edition of Now. I'm not usually a fan of using soap. With many, the pH level is actually too alkaline for our skin's natural pH of 5.5 so can end up stripping the skin of moisture. Dove Beauty Cream Bar, however, has been created with a pH neutral formula so it's kinder to the skin. Prices start from 82p, available at Boots Sx 


  1. This was my pauper's morning face wash when I was at uni and couldn't afford Clinique anymore. So good! x

  2. Well at least you were in good company! Are you back to Clinique now? Sx

  3. Noooooooo, the Clarins lady poached me then I discovered Dermalogica so a mixture of the two. Very fickle! x