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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Amazing Base!

I feel like my life is one big search for the perfect foundation (well that and you know, being with my boy, having fun with friends and family, 'n' all that). I have not been blessed with good skin. My complexion still bears the red marks of my spotty adolescence (in fact what am I talking about? I still get spots!), my pores are visible from space and I have random patches of freckles - so long even-tone! Needless to say, a good foundation is to me what a good bra is to Britney Spears. I've been using Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation, £34 ( for a few months now and I'm pretty hooked.

Yes I have blemishes but I hate the feeling of heavy, cakey foundations. I will always opt for light, glowy bases but this does nothing to sort my uneven, spotty complexion. Perfect Refining Foundation meets somewhere in the middle - think even tone, barely-visible blemishes and skin that looks like skin but better, all fresh and flawless. The foundation itself feels featherlight and contains SPF 15 - BONUS! I apply it with a brush, but even with fingers the formula blends in effortlessly. And because it releases its uber-hydrating ingredients slowly throughout the day, this is a base that will work just as well in winter as it does in the summer. The semi-matte finish leaves my pores looking smaller, blemishes less noticeable and my skintone more even. 10/10 from me, Sx

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