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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Christmas in July

Yesterday I went to a couple more Christmas in July press days. Crazy you might think, but for those journalists working on monthly magazines, they will soon if not already be working on their Christmas Gift Guides. First up was Boudoir PR with a selection of gorgeous goodies from Nail Rock (they're doing a range for Ann Summers, more on that to come soon), Penhaligon's and Lipsy. I also got to see the Iman Liquid Foundation for the first time, which was great. I heard on the grapevine that the cosmetics brand from model, Iman, which covers a wider selection of skintones, is loved by Rihanna, The Saturdays and the Sugababes.

Next was Debenhams, who always have some lustworthy gifts. Unfortunately I was in such a rush couldn't take any pics but they're are some gorgeous vanity cases from Floozie by Frost French and Betty Jackson. Also, Ruby Hammer (formerly of Ruby and Millie) is launching a range of cosmetic sets for Debenhams. The pigment is impressive and the colours lust-worthy. There'll also be some gorgeous perfume gift sets - hello Jean Paul Gaultier in your snowy packaging - including the new scent from Kim Kardashian, blimey that girl works quickly! I had a quick sniff. It's lighter than the first, surprisingly lovely fragrance and to me, not as appealing. I'll be posting more on Christmas in July this week. Sx


  1. I just reviewed the Kim Kardashian original fragrance on my blog- it's not bad, is it? I compared to quite a few other fragrances too so will be interested to see the latest version

  2. No I was actually really impressed. To me it smells remarkably similar to Michael Kors. Very nice though. Sx

  3. Exactly my conclusion! Very, very similar!
    Loving your blog atm! x