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Friday, 29 July 2011

Jennifer Aniston's Peeper Secret

If there's anyone who seems to be defying those oh-so-ageing hands of time, it's Jennifer Aniston. And call me naive but I don't think that's down to cosmetic surgery or Botox. You can see the beginnings of lines and creases on her forehead and around her eyes but her natural glow seems to counteract them. Well one of the secrets to her fresh, youthful look is First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller, £18 (Boots).  The range launched in Boots earlier this year and since Janiston was said to be a lover of the peeper perk-me-up, it has sold out nationwide and now has a waiting list of over 2567 people. My word!

According to Jorjee Douglas, celebrity make-up artist for Jennifer Aniston, “First Aid Beauty is an ingenious range. I regularly use the Detox Eye Roller on Jennifer Aniston to prep her for scenes. It's great for quickly relieving under eye circles and puffiness. I also love that it contains caffeine – it makes the circles just fade away."

So is this for you? Well if you suffer from bags, puffy eyes and dark circles, then yes probably. As with most under-eye products, it contains caffeine to minimise redness and encourage better drainage around the eyes. Bye-bye bags! On top of this, collagen-boosting peptides help to plump out fine lines, whilst good old Witch Hazel soothes puffy, swollen eyes. And if it's good enough for Jen...Sx

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