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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tried and Tresseded...Bourjois 10 Day Nail Enamel

As regular Best Tressers will know, I've already become obsessed with Bourjois' new 10 Day Nail Enamel in 14, £5.99 (Boots) - the most heavenly rose shade. But that's by the by because this new long-lasting polish claims to last up to 10 days. "What?" I know, right! It's all down to the pro-silicium fortifying formula, which apparently makes nails twice as chip-resistant. But hold your horses there because the press release actually says that the polish should last for 7 days, then chips can be easily touched up with the angled brush for the remaining 3. So not quite the claim the bottle suggests. Well I put this little beaut to the test a few weeks ago. I painted two coats, with no base or top coat for a fair test. Here are the results (from top to bottom: day 1-7)...
As you can see, I didn't make it to day 10 - I had a wedding to go to and had to repaint them after the 7th chip-heavy day - but the results are pretty impressive considering I spend the majority of my day furiously typing on my laptop. My nails were faultless until day 3 when, if you looked VERY carefully, the colour was almost pushed back slightly on the index and middle fingers. By day 5, the chips were becoming noticeable but still I didn't find it necessary to remove and repaint. It might not last 10 days - would you really, truly expect it to though? - but I'm really impressed with the colour's durability. Imagine how long it would stay chip-free with a base and top coat, and when it's a colour this pretty, you sure want it to last! Sx

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