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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Try a Trend...Workout Hair

So in the pursuit of a semi-presentable bikini body, I've been working out a lot this week. I have my monochrome, matching-make gymwear, my suitably-girly purple weights (to die), but I seem to be missing a decent workout hairstyle. It's a well-known fact that I am a hair-down type gal, so much so that my New Year's resolution this year (my one and only I might add) was to do more with my hair...erm FAIL. So far this week gym styles have included a low ponytail (bleurgh), and err, just down (impractical to say the least). Yes exercising is horrid business - think blotchy skin, no makeup (ARGH) and perspiration - but should our hair have to suffer in the glamour stakes too?

In hoping the answer to this conundrum is a unanimous and resounding 'NO', I have been working on a few exercise 'dos that provide both practicality, and hopefully, a little bit of style. Make the treadmill your catwalk biatches, Sx

The Amy Childs
Time: 30 seconds
Secure rating: 2/5 (the bunches look better a bit looser, not so good for running)
If you're not a fan of TOWIE, then get on that bandwagon now. Do it. Do I say, because otherwise this reference is clearly wasted on you. For Essex fans however, you will be well aware of the Childs's penchant for bunches. Remember the tennis game with Arg? 'Oh yeah, that was a brilliant.' The key to Amy's bunches is wearing them loose and undone-looking, with volume at the root. Perhaps this isn't a style for a hardcore run, but it certainly makes a more interesting 'do for boules, boxing and ping pong.

The CK One
Time: 1 minute
Secure rating: 5/5
Inspired by the hair at Calvin Klein's SS11 show, this is a pony with a textured twist. I pulled the hair into a tight low ponytail (therefore great for keeping hair away from the face), and secured. Next, I gently pulled up hair from the crown to give a messed-up, bouffant feel, then finished by backcombing the pony.

The Cheryl Cole
Time: 10 seconds
Secure rating: 4/5 (as much as a lycra headband can feel secure)

Picture credit: Daily Mail
I just discovered this is a good style for cycling - it keeps the hair off your face, but the loose style works best with a helmet. It took all of 10 seconds to put on a black lycra headband then boost up the roots. Think Cheryl, when she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. The Chezza way to wear it is low on the forehead, which works great as a sweatband too! 

The Erdem
Time: 3 minutes
Secure rating: 4/5 (mainly because there are enough kirby grips in this to prop up a drunken Maylor)
Again, this catwalk-inspired look injects gym hair with a little intrigue. This took a few minutes to achieve and to save time I simply divided the hair in two bunches, then plaited each side. I then pulled up each plait over the head and secured with grips. It might be slightly impractical for the treadmill but I finished by pulling out a few wispy pieces around the hairline for a windswept look.


  1. This is brilliant, I'm also liking the reverse Nike swoosh, is the T-shirt inside out because you couldn't be bothered to wash it, or is it a mirror shot. My moneys on the first one!

  2. Yeah I'm just totally grubby. That's why I have so much perfume, so I can cover up the stench. Sadly, it's a mirror shoot Alex. Sx

  3. Where do you get headbands from in the UK :D?

  4. Claire's Accessories have a great selection. Sx